Another Yahoo new hire promoting Google !!! ?????

Is Yahoo really stooping this low for people to hire. This guy uses Linked-in to announce his new job at yahoo! But uses the more trusty Gmail to get emails. lets be honest this screen shot is worth a thousand words take a look at this linked in profile update and thank god this guy […]


Osama Bin-Laden scam runs wild again keep your eyes open I received an email like this don’t fall in the trap: here is the message I received (in red)TWO SUBJECT LINES of which to be AWARE this is the second time this virus is hittingPLEASE INFORM EVERYONE you know!E mail’s with pictures of Osama Bin-Laden […]

805 Vista Heights, El Cerrito The views will take your breath away

805 Vista Heights, El Cerrito The views will take your breath away Posted using ShareThis

Auto surfing VS Manual surfing is one better

Auto surfing VS Manual surfing is one better This is a question I have been asking for a long time. I have researched in depth for years. here is the pros and cons of both. while this is not perfect you just might see more benefit than you did before. While manual surf carries a […]

what is 301 reditect and how will it work?

So is trying something called 301 redirect for about 23 of our URLs what is a 301 redirect. The quick version is it is a germinate search engine friendly way to move a URL or page. Why would you use it? It is simple if you just park a URL it is now looked […]

World wide Web success tip #1

Set your personal website or twitter or facebook ect. As your home page. The quest for more traffic is right in front of you your own home Computer. This will give you at least one person visiting your site every day. And you will not be giving free traffic to other sites like Comcast who […]

10 great tips to get your website seen!

Let me start by saying any one who says they know the secrets to getting your website seen by every one is a scam artist. With that said here is 5 tips your going to love.and you can make your website stronger #1 like what you do, love what your doing, This one is about […]

Ablaze outage is over

As you noticed we had too many people on ablaze at one time. This caused us to go down for some time.while this is a good problem to have. we need to see what can be done to grow with us. Like other online companys (twitter) there is outages from time to time with major […]

ablazewithtraffic hits 1,000,000 in one week

Aug 26, 2009 – In true fashion there giving away 1 million credits this September to mark there huge achievement. One million (1,000,000) hits in one weekOne million hits is tough to do! How tough, here is the math if you refreshed once every second it would take you 1,000,000 seconds or 16666.67 minuets […]


This weekend was a big huge successThank You active surfers and welcome new members.We delivered over half a million credits on Saturday and Sunday. Aug 19, 2009 is the 4 year mark when my mother left us to cancer (she was 45)so we will not be doing much for admin on the 19th but any […]