Are you playing at the highest level?

Are you playing at the highest level? is an amazing question. Every day someone is launching a New Mailer or a Traffic exchange or PTC ect. The odds are its got bone stock ad copy on the home page. It might have Stock join images. Or worst of yet its all bone stock. In fact […]

First impressions.

First impressions.

Nothing says im just not that into my site like Bone Stock Ad Copy from a script. A lot of owners have finally stopped using it. It makes me smile and I often will join just for that reason. I sign up I confirm my account I log in for the first time ever…… There […]

One of them .....

One of them …..

When I say that some Internet Marketers are just the worst. This guy is a stunning example of that. Im not against the hustle. I respect people who can work a deal from Online marketing to cars sales. Hustle is amazing. But then you have the goof balls that don’t seem to have a clue […]

Light Camera JAMES

I had a blast late last night. Me and a camera are a fun thing. But I think im just getting started. I want to push the edgier side of what im doing. I love doing videos it’s a passion I do have and this is where I think I can truly push as well […]

IT 247 hits 10K

First off Thank you ! We did IT! Internet Traffic is now past 10,000 members and growing. And without real people surfing and supporting and getting results. It would be nothing without you. The IT 10 k still has 5 more days for the referral contest and the Grab it game too. Still have $165 […]

Traffic Exchanges Rock!

This is a special post for all of us in the traffic exchange industry. This Weekend Warrior Forum is all the buzz about traffic exchanges and if they work. Come on now I Know they work I wouldn’t be in this business if they didn’t But Jon Olson – John “Q-zon” Guanzon and other owners […]