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Stop digging holes?

Stop digging holes?

Every day I am racking my brain to find a way to get more traffic to the sites. BUT that is a HOLE I have dug myself into many many many times. I am starting to see things that just don’t work. They are holes that need to be filled in. and when I identify […]

Ablaze Back to Basics volume 1

The best way I have found to work on my websites it to look at it like a customer. First try to find it in a search engine using a term you would want to find your site under ( you may be a lot of pages to search so be patient.) Next and once […]

Ablaze’s Back to the Basics

Ablaze is hitting 2011 hard !Tweet Our first video of 2011 is just the start. Ablaze wants to help. There is a ton of traffic exchange advice out there and some it hard to understand. But out goal is to bring solid content and helpful hints. While the videos are not high quality the […]

Connect The Dots

If your business is based in part or in whole to a website. The goal is to correctly and legitimately connect with other people in your field. We call this connecting the dots also known as link building. Why is link building so important? The answer is so simple.Links connect you to the masses, much […]

Siphon effect with TE traffic.

Siphon effect with TE traffic.Ok I did not start this idea but wanted to plug it out there for you all to see.The Siphon effect with traffic exchange traffic works like this:lets say a major bulk of your traffic is from traffic exchanges like mine is. And you run real heavy with them for a […]

World wide Web success tip #1

Set your personal website or twitter or facebook ect. As your home page. The quest for more traffic is right in front of you your own home Computer. This will give you at least one person visiting your site every day. And you will not be giving free traffic to other sites like Comcast who […]