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IT Blog – Thumbvu has new owners

  Not a member to thumbvu Its all good And THAT IS MY TRAFFIC EXCHANGE 2 CENTS! James Dias TheIT Dude!

Invest in the fUtUre – ( U is in caps) meaning you!!!!

I am a huge fan of Social hit exchanges. ( I just had to say that) This business makes waves everyday! Whether it’s a new found partnership or reading the latest back a forth. Im not the sharpest knife in the drawer. With that said……… Why is it that building YOUR business is the hardest concept […]

The World Is yours…..

The World Is yours….. LOL I love that Line from Scarface What a crazy movie and will always be a classic. But look at the message “The World Is Yours” Meaning be the best, strive to new heights and never stop going for IT. Or be a drug dealer ( not recommended) But back to […]

Im Mindless … But not when surfing

I am not a mindless surfer I have read Blog post from both Tim Linden and Jon Olson While I will never agree 100% with the 2 of them I agree on this point. Mindless surfing happens by some and Interactive surfing is also happining daily too. But like any form of advertising […]

Cant we all Just get along……

{EAV_BLOG_VER:427d73e094bd3ffb} The short answer is No! and here is a few reasons Why we cant. Why because we all have opinions and ideas that we believe in. Not a bad thing. Some people are tired traffic exchange ONLY. Some People Don’t Like Social Hit Exchange. If you hate social close that bad old face book […]

Traffic Exchanges Rock!

This is a special post for all of us in the traffic exchange industry. This Weekend Warrior Forum is all the buzz about traffic exchanges and if they work. Come on now I Know they work I wouldn’t be in this business if they didn’t But Jon Olson – John “Q-zon” Guanzon and other owners […]

HUMP DAY Blog post

Well its Wednesday here in my world. And I have finally gotten over my block. A lot of it is just scheduling what I need to do and I have also noticed when I get an early start I also seem to be more productive. But enough about me Lets talk about traffic exchanges and […]

We have a Huge update this week

We are asking for your help we want to add new sites to the downline builder what we want is your sites or better yet the sites you want to see and the ones you use. This week we added Tezak Power surf. This is where you get a referral in your downline but more […]

Don’t read this… If you LOVE Sp@m

I thought it was super funny when I opened my mail box this morning and saw over a 100 emails from other traffic exchanges talking about Super surf this, and down line that, and cash here to do this. I started laughing at a few of them cause when I read the email its all […]