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Traffic exchange Daily is Back again for round 3

Traffic exchange Daily is back for round 3 In todays te daily as a simple question are you making 10$ a day? Also talk about why I was cone for so long. And give props to a traffic exchange owner who closed the site. Traffic exchange daily has been a great way for me to [...]

Im Just motivated

Im fat. and yes it takes some balls to say that. It didn’t happen overnight it’s not going to get fixed overnight. How did it happen? I love working online would be part of it. I don’t think in all the time I have worked off or online have I tackled a bigger challenge. And [...]

Work it to death.

Work it to death.

Like most internet marketers we all tend to take on too much and when we do the results are less than what they could have been. If we just added the right amount of effort in the right places. Don’t get me wrong you need to try to have ads everywhere you can. but when [...]

Time to stop fooling yourself.

Time to stop fooling yourself.

Lets face It we work online to earn an extra income right? Boy I hope that’s why people are spending countless hours clicking mailers, paid to clicks, and traffic exchanges. So why is it so many Don’t earn much at all? Why do some people earn cents and others earn some decent money? Lets use [...]

Surfing 101 the new promo.

Surf 101 is a random promo I am going to be doing. It and the dance working together so to speak but while doing this I ask people surfing the event to also join something. To take the next step when you see something that looks interesting that you take the next step. To the [...]

4 easy ways to get more people surfing

Todays TE Daily is 4 tips how to spur surfing. It’s very simple easy and requires some work. I hope it helps I hope you enjoy. James Dias Also Wrap UP tonight 9 PM EST,diasmediaworks


I was just talking about this yesterday and today I actually clicked a button to go see something outside my normal. this is working to the first steps of pulling down some of the walls I helped create. Don’t get me wrong I’m not singing campfire songs. I’m trying to experience all of the traffic [...]

Traffic Exchange Webinars.

Getting on camera is not for everyone in fact not many do it. But when someone is willing to block off a chunk of time to talk about the business, and engage some conversation that pretty big. There isn’t a whole lot of them. Webinars take some planning and time and that time takes you [...]

TE Daily is growing.

I have been doing daily videos about traffic exchanges for 146 days in a row now. I still have a million things to talk because there is always something going on here. Today is a couple little changes to better brand the Traffic exchange daily name and my goal is to start turning it into [...]

Does Persistence Pay ?

I think of myself as a pretty persistent fellow. I think it helps in this business. Every day an owner that is not will stop working in traffic exchanges or an affiliate and walk away. And it’s the ones getting up ready to work and build their network that normally do better. James Dias [...]