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Dont get it Twisted

Dont get it Twisted

People way to often approach their traffic exchanges much in the same fashion they approach life. Not always a bad thing but often not a positive for your site and the business it represents. When I was exploring the idea of owning a manual exchange. I asked questions. Got advice and started building a plan […]

Bought a Script Now What?

If you are buying a traffic exchange Script the NUMBER #1 thing that is a MUST DO! After this you Should be doing every Page you can find. Showing you care about the site is Not just huge It’s a MUST. showing your personality is just an amazing first step. See yesterdays Video TE Daily […]

So you want a traffic exchange?

So you want a traffic exchange? This is a simple post to get your traffic exchange business off on the right foot. #1 Plan your attack Build a Traffic Exchange plan – budget, where your ads are going to be, what your site is about, ect. this is a huge step that is often never […]

Free Traffic Exchange Software advice

I just read an older blog post buy a fellow traffic exchange owner. Ironically on topic as we Just launched our traffic exchange software today. Let me give you some back ground real fast. In October 2004 launched on a PHP script. Very basic with very basic functions much like a free script […]