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Thoughts on traffic exchanges.

Thoughts on traffic exchanges.

I have spent a couple days joining a lot of traffic exchanges. I actually reading emails from time to time now just to see what and where other owners heads are at. I am not pointing out any one site and Lets face it. I don’t know everything about online marketing. With that said. I […]

Do Traffic Exchange Work? Still ?

I have seen countless videos and blog post on this topic. So I thought not only will I do this post from time to time to keep it alive and well but show people that real people that actually use traffic exchange with success every day. I am very proud of being a Traffic Exchange […]

Invest in the fUtUre – ( U is in caps) meaning you!!!!

I am a huge fan of Social hit exchanges. ( I just had to say that) This business makes waves everyday! Whether it’s a new found partnership or reading the latest back a forth. Im not the sharpest knife in the drawer. With that said……… Why is it that building YOUR business is the hardest concept […]