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Do Traffic Exchange Work? Still ?

I have seen countless videos and blog post on this topic. So I thought not only will I do this post from time to time to keep it alive and well but show people that real people that actually use traffic exchange with success every day. I am very proud of being a Traffic Exchange […]

Plateau Busting in TE’s

Plateau Busting Tips for traffic exchanges. working online I have found on a few occasions that I hit a goal and stay there for a while. I call this Plateauing and its sometimes tough to break it. so I did a quick video about it for TE Daily 105 Also If you missed 104: Traffic […]

My business – Your business

I see new launches almost every day. I also used to try and jump right in. All I thought is getting in early was the way to go. And it seemed to work for me for a little while. I want to build my footing in good programs. Something where I know I will get […]

The Traffic Exchange Community

Tweet The Traffic Exchange Community A while Back I said I was done Blogging and that’s True For the most Part. This weekend was nothing shy of amazing. See the traffic exchange community came together to help one of our own. The drive was to raise $2,000 for Elisbeth Rooney. The goal was pretty big […]

Im Mindless … But not when surfing

I am not a mindless surfer I have read Blog post from both Tim Linden and Jon Olson While I will never agree 100% with the 2 of them I agree on this point. Mindless surfing happens by some and Interactive surfing is also happining daily too. But like any form of advertising […]