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Plateau Busting in TE’s

Plateau Busting Tips for traffic exchanges. working online I have found on a few occasions that I hit a goal and stay there for a while. I call this Plateauing and its sometimes tough to break it. so I did a quick video about it for TE Daily 105 Also If you missed 104: Traffic […]

Dear James

Hi there James. Just wanted to drop you a quick \hello\. I hadnt interacted much with anyone on the TE end of things since right after launching [the Site]. I was reading your blog post about getting overloaded and man, that is exactly what happened to me. I wont bore you with the details, but […]

I interviewed Myself today.

Tweet I asked Myself 7 questions that Were just sitting in my head I hope someone else will take the same 7 questions and answer them too. I would love to see what others think. Why did I get in to the traffic exchange industry? Well I want to be apart of something. This industry […]

Im Mindless … But not when surfing

I am not a mindless surfer I have read Blog post from both Tim Linden and Jon Olson While I will never agree 100% with the 2 of them I agree on this point. Mindless surfing happens by some and Interactive surfing is also happining daily too. But like any form of advertising […]