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IM Small and I can get UP

IM Small and I can get UP

People get so stuck in the mentality of small traffic exchanges I did a video the other day about a couple quick tips to help owners of small traffic exchanges get past the competition in probably the hardest arena. I think people that bust their asses to get to the next level deserve it. People […]

Knock Knock

This is a sound we have all asked for. The Sound is that of opportunity Knocking . but the better question is are you ready for something to knock? Are you financially prepared? Are you physically prepared? Are you mentally prepared? This post is something i learned early: Lets say a car you like is […]

It’s time to get back to work ONLINE

This is the time when more surfers are coming back on line the Kids are back in school and there is a more time to try more online. So there is a lot more opportunity to show off your ads and pages. But remember there is some basic guidelines for getting people interested in your […]