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WAR what is it good for……..

The traffic exchange business is hot right now! Understand that I say this because of all the doom and gloom TE owners out there. The reason its not working is 90% of all traffic exchanges that I see are not fluid. What is fluid? The ability to change with out restriction ( I know its […]

Changes in TE Nation

As you all may have seen there is a social change in the Traffic Exchange industry. Social is here to stay we all know this and while giants are created (face book twitter) There is still huge opportunities to grow this area of your business. Social is personal branding marketing and list building all rolled […]

Traffic Exchange Internet Marketing 101 or 2.0 or something like that.

Real traffic to your website is this a myth? I don’t think so. But if you follow everyone’s advice out there you head will spin off and then what are you going to do? Some Manual Traffic exchange marketing “gurus” tell us to build your list and brand yourself. Some Massive Auto Surf Traffic exchanges […]