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Nancys blogpost

Nancys blogpost

So Nancy Radlinger writes a blog post last night, and NOW Im inspired By her Very simple question “what do you see when you are surfing” you can see the full blog post here its an exceptional read. I started to answer her but then started making a real list and it got big. […]

This is how I Surf

When I surf I do it my way and how I want my sites to be seen. I surf normally one site at a time but never more than 4 of them. And I watch and take notes. Also as an owner I leave the sound on and I don’t use anything like no script. […]

So you want a traffic exchange?

So you want a traffic exchange? This is a simple post to get your traffic exchange business off on the right foot. #1 Plan your attack Build a Traffic Exchange plan – budget, where your ads are going to be, what your site is about, ect. this is a huge step that is often never […]

IT 247 hits 10K

First off Thank you ! We did IT! Internet Traffic is now past 10,000 members and growing. And without real people surfing and supporting and getting results. It would be nothing without you. The IT 10 k still has 5 more days for the referral contest and the Grab it game too. Still have $165 […]

Do you Know “Jack”?

The time line on this story is very important all happened on 1/8/2013 Lets call this member “Jack” and understand this is something new to me im not bashing a member I just don’t understand. at 1:51:25 Pm PST my time a new member joined a traffic exchange. at 1:52:58 Pm PST this member confirmed […]

abandoned traffic exchanges ( what a waste)

Some updates Around the net today (Saturday January 22, 2011) I was a member of SURFTRAFFICEXCHANGE.COM and went to the traffic exchange today to notice that the site is gone. It makes me wonder how a site with an rank of 39,500 the owner either forgot and or didn’t want to renew the url […]