Be aggressive B-  E - aggres-sive

Be aggressive B- E – aggres-sive

There are Some bright spots in Affiliate marketing. One of them bright Spots is that A HUGE amount of people with give as little effort as humanly possible. So why is this good news? Cause you can walk up and take their results without even having to try. Lets do a for example. Take any […]

The Time Has Come….

Any one who Knows me also knows I love music and especially old hip Hop (* rap) a group I have been a fan of for a long time has a a phrase that sticks with me to this day. The time has come for everyone to clean up their own backyard before they go […]

Don’t read this… If you LOVE Sp@m

I thought it was super funny when I opened my mail box this morning and saw over a 100 emails from other traffic exchanges talking about Super surf this, and down line that, and cash here to do this. I started laughing at a few of them cause when I read the email its all […]