Do you Need a Hub Site?

Hubs are under used in online marketing. Its amazing cause they have a huge bang for the buck. Hub sites are a simple way to in one link show people all you offer. All your programs and social networks in one spot for an easy road map to what you do online. My hub is […]

I love Video

Video has helped me a lot over the years to het what I’m trying to say out there. I have also used it for people to get to know me. 24 hour fundraisers and what not I have been on camera close to a thousand times over the years. Has it helped? ….. Without a […]


Tweet I got Pitched and Loved it. Don’t get me wrong I applaud the guy for trying and sticking with it heck he even slowed down for a second or two. But the fact remains I don’t know him, never have I seen him talking in the community, or chats so to me this was […]

We have a Huge update this week

We are asking for your help we want to add new sites to the downline builder what we want is your sites or better yet the sites you want to see and the ones you use. This week we added Tezak Power surf. This is where you get a referral in your downline but more […]

How do you say thanks ?

How do you say thanks ? In a recent post of one of the big names in the traffic exchange business ( Jon Olson). I saw something happen. Sure Jon’s post was cool and you can read it here HEN but it was the thank you that grabbed my attention. A simple thank you can make […]