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I love Video

Video has helped me a lot over the years to het what I’m trying to say out there. I have also used it for people to get to know me. 24 hour fundraisers and what not I have been on camera close to a thousand times over the years. Has it helped? ….. Without a […]


Tweet I got Pitched and Loved it. Don’t get me wrong I applaud the guy for trying and sticking with it heck he even slowed down for a second or two. But the fact remains I don’t know him, never have I seen him talking in the community, or chats so to me this was […]

The World Is yours…..

The World Is yours….. LOL I love that Line from Scarface What a crazy movie and will always be a classic. But look at the message “The World Is Yours” Meaning be the best, strive to new heights and never stop going for IT. Or be a drug dealer ( not recommended) But back to […]

Smile its a great week!

A week to remember! As I sit down to write this blog post I grinning ear to ear. I have made quite a few connections over the last few weeks. I know its not all due to my program IT. With that said it is because I am getting active in the whole TE world. […]

Changes in TE Nation

As you all may have seen there is a social change in the Traffic Exchange industry. Social is here to stay we all know this and while giants are created (face book twitter) There is still huge opportunities to grow this area of your business. Social is personal branding marketing and list building all rolled […]

Social Surf in the Traffic Exchange Industry

Social Traffic exchanges are carving a niche in the industry. The idea of a social exchange is not new by any stretch of the imagination in face some social has been around for a while. I not going to kiss anyone’s rear here. I will say some of the larger exchanges have had members connecting […]