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Tweet I got Pitched and Loved it. Don’t get me wrong I applaud the guy for trying and sticking with it heck he even slowed down for a second or two. But the fact remains I don’t know him, never have I seen him talking in the community, or chats so to me this was […]

Social Surf Stinks and Does Not Work!

Social Surf Stinks and Does Not Work! Yes ! I hear that all the time. And I’m floored every time I read that in a tweet or a wall post. Come on really!!!!    There are traffic exchange Owners that “poo poo‘s” social surfing but are tweeting there blog post ! Wow I love it!!!!   Living […]

Changes in TE Nation

As you all may have seen there is a social change in the Traffic Exchange industry. Social is here to stay we all know this and while giants are created (face book twitter) There is still huge opportunities to grow this area of your business. Social is personal branding marketing and list building all rolled […]

Social Surf in the Traffic Exchange Industry

Social Traffic exchanges are carving a niche in the industry. The idea of a social exchange is not new by any stretch of the imagination in face some social has been around for a while. I not going to kiss anyone’s rear here. I will say some of the larger exchanges have had members connecting […]

Ablaze wants to start a revolution in traffic exchanges

Ablaze wants to start a revolution in traffic exchanges So how do you do just that? Well I have heard that if you want to be a success in the traffic exchange world you need to bring something new to the table. OK something new…. I got it …. Something that will take the manual […]

top tricks to get top Alexa rank up

Ok yesterday I accepted a challenged from a fellow traffic exchange owner for lowering my Alexa rank. It is a 50$ dollar prize. He knows I don’t have any tricks when it comes to this area. So rather than find some way to cheat or buy this Magic Rank from the Alexa gods I am […]