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How do I Love TE?

How do I Love TE. let me count the ways…… Lets get real Traffic Exchanges work. Where are you going to find a huge amount of traffic to your website that will work with amazing effectiveness and has no or little monetary cost associated with it. The Hit Exchange World is On fire right Now! With […]

Lets Just Call It An Addiction

Hi My Name is James Dias and i’m a traffic exchange-aholic. I wake up in the morning thinking how can I rock The traffic exchange industry. The NEW IT LOGO I go to sleep at night thinking the same thing. Something in me tells me I’m going to hit that hot button. Or I built […]

Cant we all Just get along……

{EAV_BLOG_VER:427d73e094bd3ffb} The short answer is No! and here is a few reasons Why we cant. Why because we all have opinions and ideas that we believe in. Not a bad thing. Some people are tired traffic exchange ONLY. Some People Don’t Like Social Hit Exchange. If you hate social close that bad old face book […]

What is a traffic exchange? it sounds easy

What is a traffic exchange? This seems to still be a question every one thinks they can answer but in fact is Kinda just a guess. Is a traffic exchange clicking an ad every X seconds. Or is it engaging with some one and asking them to click an ad? The word exchange is the […]