One of them .....

One of them …..

When I say that some Internet Marketers are just the worst. This guy is a stunning example of that. Im not against the hustle. I respect people who can work a deal from Online marketing to cars sales. Hustle is amazing. But then you have the goof balls that don’t seem to have a clue […]

Dont go too far with an email

I had the displeasure of reading an email from a traffic exchange im a member of today and JUST had to comment. Cause it made me think. Im pretty sure you know the email I am referring to. Why is bashing other people so good for business? Are you trying to piss off the members […]

How do I recommend a site?

How do I recommend a site?

How do I recommend a site? People often ask why Do you promote “Y” site and “B” site and “J” site but not “L” “M” or P. The answer is pretty easy when you break it down. This is the formula I use. #1 if I recommend the site are the members in good hands? […]

The Relationship game

Relationships are essential to any business. Traffic exchanges are no different. If you work hard at any relationship then you have the ability to succeed. But some times it is harder to earn the respect of the person or persons that you are working with. Maybe you haven’t been working in this business very long […]