One of them .....

One of them …..

When I say that some Internet Marketers are just the worst. This guy is a stunning example of that. Im not against the hustle. I respect people who can work a deal from Online marketing to cars sales. Hustle is amazing. But then you have the goof balls that don’t seem to have a clue […]

Dont go too far with an email

I had the displeasure of reading an email from a traffic exchange im a member of today and JUST had to comment. Cause it made me think. Im pretty sure you know the email I am referring to. Why is bashing other people so good for business? Are you trying to piss off the members […]

Not a NEW Launch

In fact its quite the contrast. My buddy Randy Fountain has been not only been an active surfer for years but is upgraded at most likely 50+ sites. Randy is a super surfer a great owner and is always around when you have questions or just want to shoot the breeze about Traffic Exchanges. Randy […]

Do you Need a Hub Site?

Hubs are under used in online marketing. Its amazing cause they have a huge bang for the buck. Hub sites are a simple way to in one link show people all you offer. All your programs and social networks in one spot for an easy road map to what you do online. My hub is […]

It’s a Numbers game

I love to think of marketing as a game …. It works well for me let me explain. Think of every hit to your site/ affiliate page as a point. One hit = One point simple. Now comes the hard part get a high score every day. If last week your average was 5000 hits […]

Top 6 traffic exchange shenanigans this weekend.

{EAV:740f6e887cdbdf01} Tweet #1 did you see the crazy event going on at the Dance this weekend. The Dance + Tezak Traffic Power + Dragon Surf = $150 up for grabs and thousands of website hits too and that’s just the start of the shenanigans that are about to begin Not a member of Dragon Surf: […]

If you build IT they will come

But everyone who had done it is successful ….. I hear this all the time While this may be the case. I hate following what everyone else is doing. When everyone says think outside the box I want to get in the box and think (all-up-in-IT thinking right now!) BUT I do listen to them […]


Why Do You Surf Traffic Exchanges? I have asked myself this question for the last 2 years (ever since I bought Ablaze With Traffic). The answer I keep returning to can be broke down to 3 parts. Part #1 Exposure – There are hundreds of thousands of surfers out there. Tens of thousands are Surfing […]