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Traffic exchange traffic isn’t targeted

Traffic exchange traffic isn’t targeted

I have read many blog posts on how traffic exchanges don’t work. There seems to be so many of them ranging from years back to this week. And the same argument happens over and over. “Traffic exchange traffic isn’t targeted.” That statement is so far off. I get it 1800 flowers is not likely to […]

Thoughts on traffic exchanges.

Thoughts on traffic exchanges.

I have spent a couple days joining a lot of traffic exchanges. I actually reading emails from time to time now just to see what and where other owners heads are at. I am not pointing out any one site and Lets face it. I don’t know everything about online marketing. With that said. I […]

Ablaze wants to start a revolution in traffic exchanges

Ablaze wants to start a revolution in traffic exchanges So how do you do just that? Well I have heard that if you want to be a success in the traffic exchange world you need to bring something new to the table. OK something new…. I got it …. Something that will take the manual […]

Can I get traffic exchange traffic and have Google AdSense?

So many People ask the Same question Can I get traffic exchange traffic and have Google AdSense The Answer May Surprise you. YES but only if it is done right. #1 don’t send your AdSense Embedded to a traffic exchange. Step One Build a Splash Page, ok let me rephrase that Build the most Amazing […]

top tricks to get top Alexa rank up

Ok yesterday I accepted a challenged from a fellow traffic exchange owner for lowering my Alexa rank. It is a 50$ dollar prize. He knows I don’t have any tricks when it comes to this area. So rather than find some way to cheat or buy this Magic Rank from the Alexa gods I am […]

Siphon effect with TE traffic.

Siphon effect with TE traffic.Ok I did not start this idea but wanted to plug it out there for you all to see.The Siphon effect with traffic exchange traffic works like this:lets say a major bulk of your traffic is from traffic exchanges like mine is. And you run real heavy with them for a […]

Show your site ( ) Review

This is a review of they are a free banner exchange system which lets you exchange banners with other webmasters.We signed up a day before getting our rejection letter the letter is as follows:Unfortunately the ShowYourSite।com staff could not accept your application। (You applied with the website Possible reasons can be: * Inappropriate content। […]