Hit Exchange

Coke VS TE's

Coke VS TE’s

Traffic Exchanges have had many sides for a long time. Chat vs no chat Social VS no social paid to surf VS surf for credits cash Prizes VS no cash Paid to promote VS not Every time there is a choice this makes a Traffic Exchange more of a Niche Product. Take Tom Knapps coke […]

Dear James

Hi there James. Just wanted to drop you a quick \hello\. I hadnt interacted much with anyone on the TE end of things since right after launching [the Site]. I was reading your blog post about getting overloaded and man, that is exactly what happened to me. I wont bore you with the details, but […]

Do you Know “Jack”?

The time line on this story is very important all happened on 1/8/2013 Lets call this member “Jack” and understand this is something new to me im not bashing a member I just don’t understand. at 1:51:25 Pm PST my time a new member joined a traffic exchange. at 1:52:58 Pm PST this member confirmed […]

Top 6 traffic exchange shenanigans this weekend.

{EAV:740f6e887cdbdf01} Tweet #1 did you see the crazy event going on at the Dance this weekend. The Dance + Tezak Traffic Power + Dragon Surf = $150 up for grabs and thousands of website hits too and that’s just the start of the shenanigans that are about to begin Not a member of Dragon Surf: […]

IT Blog – Thumbvu has new owners

  Not a member to thumbvu Its all good And THAT IS MY TRAFFIC EXCHANGE 2 CENTS! James Dias TheIT Dude!

How do I Love TE?

How do I Love TE. let me count the ways…… Lets get real Traffic Exchanges work. Where are you going to find a huge amount of traffic to your website that will work with amazing effectiveness and has no or little monetary cost associated with it. The Hit Exchange World is On fire right Now! With […]

Time to beat a dead Horse BIG time

Don’t run ……..   Just give it a second. The topic is splash pages, If you received my email you will know this is an extension of the email.Splash pages are one of the least expensive ways to powerfully generate attention to your page. My goal is to show you why a splash page will dominate […]