Does Persistence Pay ?

I think of myself as a pretty persistent fellow. I think it helps in this business. Every day an owner that is not will stop working in traffic exchanges or an affiliate and walk away. And it’s the ones getting up ready to work and build their network that normally do better. James Dias […]

Morning TE ritual

What’s your Morning TE ritual? How you start your morning can have a huge impact on your day. I am a firm believer in this. One of the earliest things I was taught in the work world is dress for success and while that don’t hold the same value online. Mentally it still holds true […]

Full Plate syndrome.

So many great people in the traffic exchange world. Fall in to the same trap. We get so excited about adding more and to our plate. We pack on it all but with limited time and overly full schedules a lot will even get touched. James Dias Also give my friend Patti Boquist 25 […]

TE Pancakes.

I did – I actually made an analogy from surfing traffic exchange to pancakes. In today’s video I offer some ideas about trying to find that right surfing consistency from exchange to exchange. No two be the same but that’s part of the fun. Isn’t it? James Dias

Service me.

I didn’t realize how important some very basic steps are to make the customer enjoy working with you and your business. Its that simple I don’t believe the customer is always right but the customer is always important. And they always deserve your very best. James Dias

My Idea Book.

Every day I write down things. Often ideas but can also consist of wish list, things I like, conceptual ideas for not only splash page but text ads ect. There are not many bad ideas. just ideas you haven’t fully thought through yet. Want to truly stand out and get noticed? Have a truly unique […]

Online relationships.

Today i was reminded just what goes into an online relationship. It’s a two way street and both side always have to be mindful of what is being said. Good or bad sarcastic or with intention the written word can be read by many people with different emotions and conclude a different meaning. Always be […]

TE Habit making.

So today I Sneeze in the middle of TE daily talk about the wrap Up that’s happening tonight and how to make a habit Stick with all the goals and changes people set for the new year. See you at wrap-up! 9:00 pm EST,diasmediaworks James Dias

TE Philanthropy.

A fellow owner and surfer found a project I have been working on from time to time for the last few years. I think it is a great concept and just the question she asked what is it sparked todays Traffic Exchange Daily and the Philanthropy side of it too. James Dias

Its business time.

Make sure that 2014 starts the right way. Let you business on line be your top focus. Eliminate excuses. I have goals to hit all year long and so many things I want to get done. Let 2014 be your year – let 2014 be the first year your business is big enough to sit […]