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IM Small and I can get UP

IM Small and I can get UP

People get so stuck in the mentality of small traffic exchanges I did a video the other day about a couple quick tips to help owners of small traffic exchanges get past the competition in probably the hardest arena. I think people that bust their asses to get to the next level deserve it. People […]

Shut it OFF!

Every now and again You have to just shut the distractions off and get some overdue projects Done. or at lease pick off things on the to do List. Me I will pull an all nigher just to get my note book clear from time to time. Getting that work time just you and the […]

So you want a traffic exchange?

So you want a traffic exchange? This is a simple post to get your traffic exchange business off on the right foot. #1 Plan your attack Build a Traffic Exchange plan – budget, where your ads are going to be, what your site is about, ect. this is a huge step that is often never […]

a Blog exchange  VS Traffic exchange

a Blog exchange VS Traffic exchange

I recently did a search of “Traffic Exchanges” and I am not shocked to see that the world of blogging exchange are getting overly confused with Traffic exchange. Let me go on record if you use a traffic exchange to market your blog (please ) remove the AdSense OR use a splash page that represents […]

Traffic Exchanges Rock!

This is a special post for all of us in the traffic exchange industry. This Weekend Warrior Forum is all the buzz about traffic exchanges and if they work. Come on now I Know they work I wouldn’t be in this business if they didn’t But Jon Olson – John “Q-zon” Guanzon and other owners […]