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What who and how to be a part of downline builders

What who and how to be a part of downline builders

Got an email today that kicked me in the ass to get the next traffic exchange daily done. and this one is all about the Downline builders. With 2 types of downline builders out there. It’s a great question and was the perfect concept for a te daily. 3 great tools for working in downline […]

Surfing 101 the new promo.

Surf 101 is a random promo I am going to be doing. It and the dance working together so to speak but while doing this I ask people surfing the event to also join something. To take the next step when you see something that looks interesting that you take the next step. To the […]

4 easy ways to get more people surfing

Todays TE Daily is 4 tips how to spur surfing. It’s very simple easy and requires some work. I hope it helps I hope you enjoy. James Dias http://diasmediaworks.com Also Wrap UP tonight 9 PM EST http://www.gvowebcast.com/conference,diasmediaworks


I was just talking about this yesterday and today I actually clicked a button to go see something outside my normal. this is working to the first steps of pulling down some of the walls I helped create. Don’t get me wrong I’m not singing campfire songs. I’m trying to experience all of the traffic […]

Traffic Exchange Webinars.

Getting on camera is not for everyone in fact not many do it. But when someone is willing to block off a chunk of time to talk about the business, and engage some conversation that pretty big. There isn’t a whole lot of them. Webinars take some planning and time and that time takes you […]

TE Daily is growing.

I have been doing daily videos about traffic exchanges for 146 days in a row now. I still have a million things to talk because there is always something going on here. Today is a couple little changes to better brand the Traffic exchange daily name and my goal is to start turning it into […]

Does Persistence Pay ?

I think of myself as a pretty persistent fellow. I think it helps in this business. Every day an owner that is not will stop working in traffic exchanges or an affiliate and walk away. And it’s the ones getting up ready to work and build their network that normally do better. James Dias http://diasmediaworks.com […]

Morning TE ritual

What’s your Morning TE ritual? How you start your morning can have a huge impact on your day. I am a firm believer in this. One of the earliest things I was taught in the work world is dress for success and while that don’t hold the same value online. Mentally it still holds true […]

Full Plate syndrome.

So many great people in the traffic exchange world. Fall in to the same trap. We get so excited about adding more and to our plate. We pack on it all but with limited time and overly full schedules a lot will even get touched. James Dias http://diasmediaworks.com Also give my friend Patti Boquist 25 […]

TE Pancakes.

I did – I actually made an analogy from surfing traffic exchange to pancakes. In today’s video I offer some ideas about trying to find that right surfing consistency from exchange to exchange. No two be the same but that’s part of the fun. Isn’t it? James Dias http://diasmediaworks.com