Stop digging holes?

Every day I am racking my brain to find a way to get more traffic to the sites. BUT that is a HOLE I have dug myself into many many many times.

I am starting to see things that just don’t work. They are holes that need to be filled in. and when I identify a Hole it needs to be filled. I can and have many times done noting planning out how im going to do it.

But one of the Biggest Holes I still see is a bone stock Home page that came with the script. WHY? Why does the owner of said site allow this to happen? This is hands down one of the biggest Holes in this business.

Getting attention is hands down one of the best things you can do to attract new members, affiliates and surfers into a traffic exchange. SO why DO so many intentionally limit themselves by not addressing the first impression people have of the site.

SO here is my question to anyone reading Are you more or less likely to sign up to a stock out of the box traffic exchange?


Do you feel this is worth the time energy and effort to be an affiliate or surfer of a Site that the owner has place little or no value on effort?

All the best to you and your Te Efforts

James Dias

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