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So Nancy Radlinger writes a blog post last night, and NOW Im inspired By her Very simple question “what do you see when you are surfing” you can see the full blog post here
its an exceptional read.

I started to answer her but then started making a real list and it got big.
Here is part of my response : “I notice prizes and word search. I notice Logos and Icons. Sites with mascots or people I know” –James Dias

but there is so much more for example:
• If its an easyhits4u page I assign credits….. cause too often im logged in.
• I count how many of what exchanges I see.
• I take note of member promoting my site and at the end of the surf session award credits for their hard work.
• I see a blur of the same pages over and over and over again
• Rotators inside of co ops inside of co ops
• 404 pages
• Account suspended pages
I could still keep going but this is what I notice this is what gets my attention.

What I would love to see more of is TE related blogs and TE videos things that make me want to engage socially without chatting (I personally do not chat in traffic exchanges)

I want to drop my two cents and move on. I want to take a break from surfing and move on. Maybe thumbs up a video or make a comment.

Imagine a splash page with Follow me on Facebook ….. or check out my TE videos OR hey Traffic Exchange related blog post.

Wow thanks Nancy for the inspiration.
James Dias

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  1. Nancy Radlinger
    Nancy Radlinger at | | Reply

    Thanks James and I agree with you on your list – I can’t believe the amount of credits being wasted on people using the same ole same ole pages instead of getting creative and make their page stand out. You are right that they become a blur and those same people wonder why they don’t get results.

  2. Leone Marziano
    Leone Marziano at | | Reply

    So true, I was surfing last night and saw a multitude of 404 errors and site suspended pages. I was tempted to report them to the owner of the site, but ended up deciding not to. Its really sad that members are not monitoring their advertising better and knowing that sites are gone. Some have been gone for quite some time too.

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