Truth is not everybody can do it!

When I first got in to this business. I didn’t look around. I joined a site and a few months later bought it.

See this business is made out entirely of people like me. You just need to be crazy enough to Jump. I NOT telling everyone to run over to a script site and buy one.

In fact that’s 100% the last thing I’m suggesting. Being an owner takes Many elements
thick skin – I have seen owners bash on other owners for years about this surf ratio or this add on or this business practice. It happens. If you’re doing well people will dislike your moving up and you not doing crap people will abandon you.

Money – it takes more money then you want to part with. I can’t tell you the amount of people that told me they were going to change the business and they don’t have to spend money. They are gone now but it sounded good in theory. Spend money this is a business it take money to make money.

Time – Some will say doing it as a hobby will never work. I say they are full of it. SO MANY started out as a part time thing. Some of the biggest were doing something else before and while they were learning the craft of Online Marketing. Heck I know some people that put in as many hours as I do and they are …. Part time.

Heart – To some degree all the others can be fudged on a little. But not heart if you don’t like what your doing WHY THE HELL ARE YOU DOING IT. To be an owner you going to find a way to get things done, you didn’t know you could do. Server stuff – graphics – coding- html/css- video- sales copy – seo. I can keep going on and on. But no heart you don’t stand a chance I will eat your lunch. While you’re playing Facebook games, Im working on a project. While you go to the mall for a new shirt I’m typing away trying to learn one little thing to make my site better. All I want is to make my site just a little better or a little simpler or a little more profitable each day.

I eat like crap – I sleep like crap – my wife and kids hear “Just give me like ten mins.” 200+ times a week. I love what I’m doing. I get so mad at things and I go crazy when I cant fix something. But its cause I love what I do.

People told me over 6 years ago my site was too hard to understand they didn’t get IT. 6 years later Im still here still growing and still learning. Still getting better. So I ask do you have what it takes to be an owner? If not be a killer affiliate. This business needs good affilates WAY more then half hearted owners.

James Dias

PS want to see a Very shining example of some one working hard to be an amazing affiliate?   Check Out What Ruben is doing

Keep it going Ruben  and thanks for promoting IT

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