Traffic exchange traffic isn’t targeted

I have read many blog posts on how traffic exchanges don’t work. There seems to be so

many of them ranging from years back to this week. And the same argument happens over and over.

“Traffic exchange traffic isn’t targeted.”

That statement is so far off. I get it 1800 flowers is not likely to do as well in traffic exchanges then say banner ad maker. But it’s the niche that is the target.

Who are the people at the PC clicking and surfing Traffic exchanges
What to they drink?
What PC are they using?
What monitors or Anti viruses are they using?
What are they snacking on?
Do they use pens to write things down?
What kind of furniture are they using for the home office?

I can without straining think of over 100 name brands that can be targeted to the people who surf traffic exchanges. I didn’t even mention ONE single ONLINE product yet.

I have seen people sell beef Jerky and Mushroom coffee in this business with some success. I have personally bought that mushroom coffee at one point.

I guess the point im trying to make is like with any Niche you have to be skilled to make it work for you. Traffic exchange are no different. Just the low hanging fruit would be other traffic exchanges. Don’t mean Someone isn’t going to be replacing their PC in a week …… Imagine if you made a commissions on a PC sale. OR what about that new chair they need ( I personally have been through 5 in the 10+ years I have been online) so yes 1800 flowers is not going to be the best way to make money … Unless there is a sexy splash page floating around right now that says “ forgot Valentines day? send flowers now 19.99”

well I guess that would work you just have to find a way to make it work. Advertising in any shape is not guaranteed. What is the ROI on a billboard or a tv commercial?

Are traffic exchanges targeted YEAH they are if they are used correctly.

James Dias

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  1. Patsy j Payne-konnektions konsultant
    Patsy j Payne-konnektions konsultant at | | Reply

    WOW, U bet James. Never actually thought of marketing the things people use… I have been marketing other te’s will definitely change my strategy, Add products like amazon, already do ebates and pet products…and tools.
    Thank U for your refreshing insight.
    Patsy j Payne, konnektions konsultant

  2. Chris Patterson
    Chris Patterson at | | Reply

    I like this one. It gave me what I think is a good idea. We’ll soon see. Thank you! 😀

  3. Social traffic
    Social traffic at | | Reply

    Appreciate thee recommendation. Let me try it out.

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