Are you playing at the highest level?

Are you playing at the highest level? is an amazing question.

Every day someone is launching a New Mailer or a Traffic exchange or PTC ect. The odds are its got bone stock ad copy on the home page. It might have Stock join images. Or worst of yet its all bone stock. In fact more than 50% of all the sites are this way.

This is Not the Highest level Not by a long shot.

Everyday people surf in order to get this prize or that prize. And odds are they just missed the site that is going to be their Number one affiliate site Because they are entered for a 1 dollar prize leaving hundreds of dollars on the table in affiliate commissions.

This is not playing at the Highest level.

Today and yesterday there is a member that got one referral in 5 + programs. Because they thought Im going to do this my way. Im going to build a page and its going to be uniquely my own. And im going to promote the crap out of it.

This is uniquely at the highest level
Today someone will be more interested in Playing fruit-topia. Because its hard work to get 10,000 views to their affiliate page each and every day. They see it as a relentless task. And will become a sad statistic when their affiliate program closes due to lack of funds interest and support.

Sadly not the highest level.

Today one member will see commissions for the first time. And they will be hooked. They will work harder tomorrow because of today. And learn tips and tricks. They will do well and for as long as they keep pushing their own personal best. Not cause they have the extra time or spend thousands but cause they seen smelled and enjoyed the benefits of hard work. they were relentless in their marketing and their affiliate efforts. OH and they won some prizes along the way too.

This is the Highest level.

So which one are you ?

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  1. Catherine White
    Catherine White at | | Reply

    “Relentless” is a great word to describe affiliate marketing. Those affiliates who are “Relentless” will be the ones to succeed. Those affiliates who are “Relentless” will be the ones to get referrals and earn commissions. Those affiliate who are “Relentless” will perform at the highest level.
    Are you “Relentless” in your affiliate marketing?

  2. Nancy Radlinger
    Nancy Radlinger at | | Reply

    Excellent post and totally agree – it does take hard work and I also like your word “relentless” and again will go with the 97% of the people will not want to do what it takes leaving the 3% that will.

    The 97% will blame the program they were in, the owner of the program and the list of excuses will go on and on BUT never even think that they are at fault for not working hard and being relentless.

  3. Mike Lawton
    Mike Lawton at | | Reply

    Hey James first time visit here. I recently just started using your TE and YEAH it’s definitely unique. So many functions and lots of tools, still working on making sure I’m utilizing the site correctly. It has definitely been a “must visit” on my to do list. Look forward to doing more with IT in the very near future. Great post and great site! Mike

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