Got credit Issues?

This is not a rant or me talking ill of any other owners. More of a way to publicly talk about whats in my head.

I logged into a traffic exchange today and seen a great deal on 1000 credits. The problem is I know I have over 45,000 in my account and the site hasn’t moved 1000 of my credits in the last 5 months.

Every credit is an amount of time from 3 seconds to 30. And when you have a member with 45,000 credits you owe them between 2250 – 22,500 minutes of advertising. And that’s just one person.

The site only gives 0.33 credits per page surfed as a free member. That means for ever page I view the site nets .67 credits. After surfing 20 pages I seen no bonus credits but promos have 25 or so credits in almost everyone which changes the surf ratio.

The site is part of a give away site too not one time but on more then 2 which means every month I get 1000 credits 2000 banners and 2000 text ads added to my account. lets say there is 20 other people in the same site I am. That’s 20,000 credits in the hole every month.

A free member would have to surf 30,000 pages to eliminate just the free credits given away and whats to say there isn’t 40 to 50 + members getting the same bonus each month. That’s without adding any prizepages or promos that’s makes it harder for the site to get back in the Black.

SO how do you fix this?

Ask to be paused or removed from the bonus sites for a few months. Now you have less credit debt right then. Then double or triple your ad budget. Get people to return to the site and surf a couple pages. Stop selling credits for 2 months. Make a upgrade that gets you almost 1:1 say .75 or .80 with no monthly credits. Call it a surfer special. Cut prize pages and credits given down by 20% for a couple months But replace with some cool contest referral or hits to affiliate link would be great.

I have said this one in the past but not good for long term. BUY back credits. Or let people trade them for other ad space IE login ads, startpages, Banners in amazing spots, or a link in an email.

Anytime you have members getting more credits from the system then the system is using that’s a deficit and when you use more then you have given that’s a surplus. Even if you come out each day with 100 credits more than were given out that a win for the site, the users, and the owner.

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