The value of a credit

Doing a blog post like this Im going to hear grumbling and Im sure this will not make people all warm and fuzzy. But the value of a credit as a whole has dropped. The reason why is up for debate. But one thing is true the value of a credit has changed.

Reasons credits are worth less
More people using BOTS/cheaters.
Surf timers shrank But surf ratios stay the same.
Bigger and bigger signup bonuses.
Lower prices
Lower value in CPA (credits per action)
Bigger rewards
More rewards
Less ad space

If it cost people 10- 12 seconds of time 4 years ago to earn .35 credits and now it takes 5 to 6 seconds the value of time has been cut in half. And the same holds true for the cash value $10 bucks per 1000 was not uncommon. Now $5 is the norm. or lower. The surf ratio didn’t change, just the timer and price.

Add in Actions taken per 1000 credits has been going down due to BOTS and just people learning to cheat the systems over all. It takes more credits to get the same actions that it took 1000 credits to get years ago.

But im hard pressed to come up with ways we have worked to increase the value of a credit. Some might debate Chat added value. And I can agree, but not to a credits value. As a whole Credits are worth less time and/or money than they were 4 years ago.

But here are some ways owners can boost the value of a credit without touching the timers:
Cap Surfing at XXX pages.
Bump the surf ratio for all members by 10%
Shrink the Surf Bars over all size. Less surfbar is more ads space.
Remove chat from surf and add it to the member’s area.

Here are some ways members can increase the value of a credit:
Use rotators with no headers
Use larger splash pages 17 “ monitors are the standard now.
Your brand is your name – your image- and your username make them work for you.
Track your traffic.

People can debate this till there blue in the face. But credits can be worth more and results can go up if we all pitch in at each site. Why are you surfing. Is it for small prizes OR is it a combo: To see whats out there Some contest some Signups and commissions?

All the Best,
James Dias

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