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I am always looking for how to increase the odds of a signup. A signup is one of the goals I have while getting traffic to my site. I also rank traffic exchange by grades too Just like in school A,B,C,D,F.

and here is how I break them down.

Uniqueness of the site. 35%
If the site has bone stock ad copy and graphics that came from taking images from google. It’s not going to grade well. But if it has unique content and a solid theme. It’s a strong start.

Soul Surfing results. 10%
When I surf, I surf one site at a time making notes of every traffic exchange I see. I give point for every time I see a page in rotation. Sometimes a banner catches my eye I will give a half point for that.

RESULTS to my sites. 25%
LOL why are you shocked – if im not getting signups the site or if people are not logging in to surf. Then why am I spending time at said exchange.

Ingrained in exchanges 10%
Affiliate funnel, TE headquarters – downline builders ect. Are they active in getting the exchanges everywhere. Also a great way to see growth of a site too.

Owner 15%
Are they active? Are they talking, learning, interacting, and engaging?

Rankings 5%
all ranking tools are bias (all of them) but that don’t mean there isn’t some good info to be had from the stats and how they rank. New members – alexa/volume – week over week changes.

Using this formula I do good with my sites and adding them to the mix. This has been a proven way to keep my sites in exchanges that are moving and shaking. Please share with me some of the traffic exchange you would give an A grade to.

Have a happy Easter and a great weekend.

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