Dont get it Twisted

People way to often approach their traffic exchanges much in the same fashion they approach life. Not always a bad thing but often not a positive for your site and the business it represents.

When I was exploring the idea of owning a manual exchange. I asked questions. Got advice and started building a plan – Not a site a plan. People like Paul Kinder pointing me to where to get information and learn about traffic exchanges. Vern Chumbley talking to me about building my downlines to lower the cost of marketing. Tony Tezak sounding like a broken record when it came to promoting my site first and most. And countless other sources.

but all the advice in the world is crap unless you do something with it. And this goes back to the point of this blog post. Are you doing the work to make your site standout? To make it unique?

Like life business needs history, today, and long term. But sadly many only are here for today. It shows when a new launch hits and you see people scrambling to get a couple referrals in this new program.

I cant tell you how many sites I have joined only to see a 35 dollar oto and just know that there is no long term for this site.

How many times have you seen the same ad copy on a traffic exchange. Google search ” With our Click and Surf System you earn traffic ” See how many Traffic exchanges and Mailers you find.

How many times have you passed on a bone stock OTO without reading a single word cause it’s the Template you have seen on 97 other exchanges in the last year.

How many times have you seen this same join now button?


How many times do you get the exact same email from 20 different sites? “Claim Your Login Spotlight Reward”claim-your-spotlight

I would say only about 1 in 60 traffic exchanges do the work to make themselves unique. Step away from the herd this is not a hard task. 40 bucks and an hour or two of work and everything on this list is checked off. If you want more new members in the site do the work.

Im not saying close the site im not saying walk away. Im saying stop being lazy and start working on your business. Give your site a chance to stand out from the rest. But if you don’t want to then close it down and be a proud affiliate.

All the best,
James Dias

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  1. Jolynn Moss
    Jolynn Moss at | | Reply

    Exactly what we did, started with a plan, talked to a lot of other owners like Paul and Tony and back then we were afraid of Vern, rofl, but now, not so much. All gave us great advice and like you said, you have to take action. Not let it go in one ear and out the other. If you want to make it in any business you really need to watch, listen and learn. You may not always agree with the advice given but at least you took the time to think about it and develop your own plan. It doesn’t happen over night. If you’re wise you will keep watching, listening and learning. If not, like my girls say, “Bye Felicia”.

  2. Catherine White
    Catherine White at | | Reply

    James, it amazes me the people who ask questions and then don’t take action. Even more amazing is the folks who pay for help with their site, then ignore what you say or do it their own way anyway. We have first hand experience with this from the LFM mentor program. Someone pays for the advise of the mentors, then does nothing with that advise. I mean NOTHING! It’s frustrating but as the old saying in marketing goes:
    Some Will – Some Won’t – Next!

  3. John Bell
    John Bell at | | Reply

    “Im not saying close the site im not saying walk away. Im saying stop being lazy and start working on your business.”

    WHAT?!!! I actually have to work!!

    Well screw this, I’m out of here

    (joking of course)

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