Traffic Exchanges things I so dislike.

—- Begin tirade —->
Some sites make you surf X amount every month. In order to get the traffic you hard already earned delivered.

…….. COME ON NOW!!!!

I am a member of a few sites that send me the same stupid email 365+ times a year “your account is in active you need to surf 25 pages BLA BLA BLA” My issue is with this Everyone who has known me for a few weeks knows I don’t surf. I buy or affiliate for a site based on testing it. So here is the problem. Why are you telling people spending money to “KICK rocks”? Or people bringing in new faces to “Pound Sand”

You must surf 25 pages to reactivate your account is lame at best. Why not try giving people a reason to surf? Here is an idea Make your site relevant for members to want to come back.

Here is what I imagine the owner saying to themselves:
“ I cant deliver the traffic people are earning so I will require them to surf and earn more traffic I cant deliver” “WHahahahahahaha” ( done in an evil way)

Which leads me to Pausing peoples ads because …..

punishing active members cause inactive members get too much.
Here is what I imagine the owner saying to themselves:

“Dude!!! My site sure isn’t delivering a lot of hits” “I KNOW, Lets punish the people who buy and surf” “When im done I will go take candy from and actual baby” “WHahahahahahaha” ( done in an evil way)
Or something along them lines, but you get the picture.

Last one for today.

To see an owner who has a traffic exchange that is so stalled out getting 100 hits a month is asking too much but then you see ads for EVERYTHING but the TE they own and you’re a member of.

IF you just want to be an affiliate COOOOOL do that. But if you own a traffic exchange then promote it.

** Rule of thumb is if the owner won’t promote their own Traffic exchange then you shouldn’t promote it as well.
Here is what I imagine the owner saying to themselves:
“Well I make more money from all the other exchange and don’t make much from my own so why should I build up this …. (insert adjective here) …. traffic exchange I own”
“WHahahahahahaha” ( done in an evil way)

<——– End Tirade

other wise i love all traffic exchanges,
James Dias

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  1. Barry
    Barry at | | Reply

    Always bugged me and never could understand the logic behind it. I guess they don’t want advertisers, only thing I could figure. lol

    I know several places where I have bought traffic only to come back at a later date to find my credits still there and not used because I didn’t surf.

    I am not a surfer and I always buy my advertising. Anywhere that forces me to surf to get my traffic that I bought, I never return to.

    Anyhow, how people run their site is up to them of course, they just won’t see me there. No matter, I am more than happy to spend my advertising dollars elsewhere.

  2. Catherine White
    Catherine White at | | Reply

    I logged in the other day to a site to find our ads paused. It was very frustrating. There is no way for me, or any human being, to surf every site once a week. There are just not enough hours in a day.
    If I earned the advertising credits, then I deserve to use them whenever I want to use them.
    Just my humble opinion.

  3. Cathy A.T. Scallan
    Cathy A.T. Scallan at | | Reply

    The problem is that some owners don’t look at the big picture of owning a TE. People join a site for many different reasons, some love to surf and collect things and other are looking for ways to advertise. By making restrictions and making members jump hoops eliminates a good percent of the clientele.

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