Its automatic! Right?

I’m a member of a butt load of traffic exchanges. And at many of them I am upgraded. One if the things I hate MOST. More than anything else is.

“If you don’t login you do not get your monthly bonus.”

Here is my problem with that: My payment is automatic So should the fulfillment of my order be the same way. Where in any terms of service does it say you can hold up my order cause of me not logging in. It frustrates me that this is a logical way of doing business. Your selling advertising impressions.

I have canceled yearly’s and monthly’s alike because of this flawed logic. And its flawed cause the fact a member paid for impressions and they site didn’t deliver them cause you didn’t log in is silly.

At any of my sites if you have a subscription ( barring any random errors) its added to your account automatically. No need to login and claim the advertising you paid for. Your Payment was automatic the fulfillment should be too.

This is true for You subscribe we deliver no matter what. But that’s how I want to be treated the same way I treat my members. I know of and the other KRM sites are the same way you pay for it you get it. No matter what.

OK im done with this topic just burns my butt cause I forget sometimes and I know I should take part of the blame – and with the same breath, I don’t like the feeling if I forget then “HA HA no credits soup for you.”

James Dias

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  1. Vern Chumbley
    Vern Chumbley at | | Reply

    Agreed James this is wrong.

    Simply put, with LFMTE script,
    IT is Stealing, from my own members.
    Without my knowledge. or Any LFMTE owners knowledge.

    If Someone purchases something.
    I OWE them Everything from that Purchase, regardless of if
    they logged in or not.

    Was thinking of re-programming/re-writing LFMTE anyway because
    of being a server hog.

    A Dedicated server, running LFMTE, with 7,500 members, I can run 3
    Smileytraffic’s of 188,000 members on.

    If I don’t re-write script, I cannot afford another $2000 yearly for every
    10,000 members for another dedicated server.

    I was not aware of this with LFMTE script about having to log in
    monthly, but was Validated as Fact by LFMTE.

    You Are Awesome!
    And I’m Acting On It!


    P.S. You Forgot SmileyTraffic in your post above! lol!

  2. Randy Howard
    Randy Howard at | | Reply

    It’s actually a really easy fix — update the cron jobs to manage the distribution.

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