Be aggressive B- E – aggres-sive

There are Some bright spots in Affiliate marketing. One of them bright Spots is that A HUGE amount of people with give as little effort as humanly possible.

So why is this good news?

Cause you can walk up and take their results without even having to try. Lets do a for example.

Take any affiliate page from a TE EVER!!!! How many people are promoting it? A BUNCH! How many times have you seen it? A Bunch ! How many times has other people seen it? Bunch! And how eye catching is an ad you have seen for the last 5 years? Not really at all!


I have done pretty well ( not life changing but pretty well) making and building my own splash pages. I know the pages work well because they are not something you see every day hundreds of times a day but because its unique and gets people to notice.

Here is an example of such pages


Im not showing off here. I know the pages are pretty bad, BUT I also know there more effective than a regular Splash page from the affiliate toolboxes. Just imagine if I spent a few bucks to have a real nice professional one made.

Want to get more referrals? Want to get more in commissions as an affiliate? Then Do more than the other guys and gals. Its not hard to do that little extra effort makes all the difference in the world.

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