Your List or your sites?

Undoubtedly like me you’re a member of a few sites. Few meaning way too many to keep up with. But that is not the point to this Blog post now is it?
Im also not a list builder.  Shocking aint it?

I feel I need to say that before starting this whole post. I don’t have a vested interest in mailers or auto responders or some rocking new product to sell. Not that I have issue with that.

I am a traffic exchange owner – my list has and always will be the sites membership. I feel firmly on this topic. I don’t need an auto responder series to hit the members scheduled to be sent every 3 to 7 days.

I need to offer them quality content and better results than the next site. My job is to be ever improving and adding value to my site. To get people engaged and earning through my Niche of traffic exchanges.

List building is great for people in affiliate marketing. People who don’t OWN a CMS/CRM or a membership site. My job has been and always will be get them through my doors first. As a Te owner that’s what I should be focused on.

As an owner I can show them banners, text ads, full page views, and EMAIL them. So why would I need them to jump through hoops to be a part of list?

NOW I get passively plugging a product I may have done before I was an owner. But that would be passively and after they are already a member of my site.

I invite people to tell me why and how im wrong AS an OWNER. * Warning I will most likely argue with you publicly. Not being a jerk but I have tried to envision a reason to do list building as an owner. Im stumped on it.

I look forward to the comments or the hate mail.

James Dias

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  1. Catherine White
    Catherine White at | | Reply

    It’s almost funny now when I look back at how much I didn’t know when Jolynn and I started our first traffic exchange back in 2011. Never once did anyone tell me what a powerful list a membership site would be. As a matter of fact, back then, it was being discouraged in some circle to even build a list.
    Boy how times change quickly. As the saying goes: THE MONEY IS IN THE LIST!
    Plain and simple, if you have a list of a hundred, a thousand or tens of thousands of people, then you have an advantage in the marketing world.
    As a traffic exchange owner, I would recommend protecting your list and treating it wisely.

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