Splash it Squeeze it Squish it

Over the past 2 weeks I have been trying everything I can think of to add new members to my sites. With some success and some impressive failing too.

Splash IT –
Doing a little A B split testing is going well. Some splash pages just out preform others. But its good to know which ones are doing good better best. Much like the NFL ( that’s National football league) Im in my own play offs All the splash pages are getting tested with the same 5000 credits – Same Site – Same days. This will give me a concept of best to worst and which 2 to replace.

Squeeze IT –
Im writing ad copy for my first 3 Squeeze pages. They worked in the past and not many people are using them now. I will test and retest this process to refine it so that I can have a 2 Squeeze pages and be able to tell members where they are working.

Squish IT – I have taken a couple of the Splash pages and am adding a signup form to them. So far results have been promising. I think due in some way to ONE less click to take action.

I have seen countless study’s that with every click to join a site the more likely you are too loose that signup. Makes sense to me. The typical splash page is clicked it goes The Home page of the site. Then to A Join page then you fill in your info only to Click Join then the confirm process begins.

That’s 2 extra steps from the Squish page where the Join form is on the actual splash page eliminating 2 steps and hunting for a join button on a home page. It only stands to reason click through are more often a referral.

Here is an example of my Squish page:

So whats the point to this blog post?

It is time to get serious about your marketing in 2016. Test the effectiveness of your pages. And try everything not just what worked well 5 years ago.

Hasta La Vista bad results.
James Dias

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