How to Increase members in traffic exchanges. Part Two

Part two is actually a fun step

Get social –
Have you ever looked at forums or other blog post? You see the same question “How do I get more visitors to my website?” or “ “do traffic exchanges work?”  – How do I get more visitors to my website – has 222,000,000 results in google alone. Just begging for a Traffic exchange Fan or owner to say something.

What a perfect question for traffic exchange users to answer. What a great way to get you affiliate link added in a truly organic way. And owners ….. how are we not defending traffic exchanges and getting our side of the story told.

Ever comment on a youtube video. I have
Rachel was talking up traffic exchanges and promoting affiliate funnel. And im the only comment on there, this was a huge opportunity to show support the traffic exchange business.

I too can work on this myself and not just fan videos but also videos bashing traffic exchanges could use a comment too maybe as simple as I have been using traffic exchanges for 7 yeas and know they work.

add this to your marketing 5 days a week and spend a half hour doing before you know it you will have commented over 261 times and most likely have that many links back to your site / affiliate link or at very least people will question if traffic exchanges work.

James Dias
Part 3 Should be here soon

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