How to Increase members in traffic exchanges. Part Three

What is more important to a TE: New members or returning members?
BOTH are important.

I know getting new faces in exchanges are important and can increase the results of a traffic exchanges effectiveness. But its also more expensive to get them to join in the first place. Don’t get me wrong you have to have new members coming in and seeing what Traffic exchanges can do. New members are testing the waters and spending new money in an exchange and learning the ropes. There is a learning curve to te’s. I remember how cool it was to stay up till midnight seeing 1000 people visit my site in one day. and the craving to buy credits to do it again.


I also know that when a member returns they most often liked something about the site. For me it was getting 1000 people to see my site in one day. I was hooked big time.

I think people coming back to a site after they have joined is more important. What does it cost you to spend an extra min on a newsletter or a support ticket. Or giving a few credits because they had an issue.


It is free positive advertising cause a happy member might tell one person that they had a great experience with a site, but give them poor service watch how fast 10 people hear about how bad a site is. Returning members is everything you have. If they never intend to come back they will never upgrade or refer others to the site. Harder to get them to see the results using the traffic exchange only for one day.

But good customer service and being attentive Is low cost and high reward. This will help you get more members to your traffic exchange everyday.

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  1. Paul Kinder
    Paul Kinder at | | Reply


    Word of mouth/mouse is not only the most effective way to get new customers into a biz, it’s extremely cost effective too.

    As you said, the cost of new customer acquisition is usually extremely high compared to the cost of meeting, hopefully exceeding, the expectations of current customers so they become repeat and eventually, hopefully, raving fans. The Holy Grail for just about any biz!

    It’s a huge focus for us this year. Attrition rates are far far far too high in this little market of ours. They always will be due to the nature of our biz – but far better training for new members will undoubtedly help.

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