How to Increase members in traffic exchanges. Part One

One of the biggest hurdles facing traffic exchanges right now is getting new active members into traffic exchanges. This next series of blog post are my thoughts and concepts on how to make this business standout and get talked about as a whole. Once again.

Blog post are needed.

Every owner needs to be blogging. I’m not talking about some recycled catch phrase but real original content. Issues, how to’s, marketing techniques (That you have used and tried) and so on.

If I actually cared about what guru a said I would follow them on Facebook twitter YouTube and 6000 other places. Write original content about what you’re doing with your traffic exchange. What are some of the things that are working and what is not. Use stats to back up your claims.

I do not like reading a long winded JV launch blog post hidden in a BS claim of a “secret hidden formula” or a great “New traffic exchange” it’s a week old is it truly blog post worthy?

Another concept is do a write up of a site your using and talk about the ups and downs the good and the BAD. people need information not just sales copy or bullet points. Give people the meat and potatoes.

Another blog post idea I like is things people are using outside traffic exchanges and how to get more people pointed in the direction of traffic exchanges.

But put some time some heart some SOUL into it. But it is your blog and you are 100% right, that you should do it the way you want. Im just trying to give some owners some organic ideas to help get the idea of traffic exchanges to more people.

See you soon for Part 2
James Dias

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