Why do you give away so much?

manwthdebtI am a member of a few traffic exchanges. Some fast Some just right but then I hit the ones where I can not for the life of me use the credits.

This is becoming more and more of a problem as traffic exchange owners add more and more additional exchanges to stable. See I am a member of a few exchanges where I have a ton of credits. And they just are not moving at all cause the exchange has been stalled out for So long people have forgotten its even there.

Im not attempting to bash the traffic exchanges that are doing this. NOPE not at all. I would rather a fearless member send the owners that are doing this a link to this blog post.

5 real ways to get your traffic exchange moving again:

#5. Take all the owner ads out. If you’re not using members earned credits then you don’t need to be feeding your own affiliate marketing.

#4 Stop giving so much away – Cut all credit give aways by 10% every 3 days till things are at a positive level again. This is prize pages Signup bonuses and them login ads. All your doing is killing you exchange.

#3 Buy back credits from your top 10 members with credits. This will often not cost you an arm and a leg. But them top surfers will be rewarded for the hard work they have added to the exchange and MIGHT just surf again.

#2 Know the heartbeat of your traffic exchange. People say don’t live in the numbers and its true to a well managed exchanges. For Traffic exchanges with a credit problem LIVE in the numbers. You need to double the signups and double the surfing and reduce the amount of daily credits acuminated. Know how many upgrades are there and how many credits you are in the hole to start the day.

#1 Stop trading. Giving away upgrades and trading credits is not a good business plan. People will value your product more when they have a value in it. And you giving another owner 12000 credits a year is not a sound business plan its also not helping you get out of the hole you dug your self into and makes people want to spend less when you don’t even value your own traffic enough to sell it.
OK there is 5 ways to get you sinking traffic exchange out of credit accumulation debt. Do nothing and keep wondering why you cant sell anything. Or work it hard and start selling again.

James Dias

if your exchange is not running right and you want some help let me know I would love to help you turn things around.  and most of the time I’m dirt cheap. Just Email me or skype me


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  1. Paul Kinder
    Paul Kinder at | | Reply

    Excellent post James!

    great advice there, although I wouldn’t advise owners use #3 too often. it’s not something I’ve ever done because it could encourage top surfers to think you will buy again. So if I were to use #3 I would make it very clear that I’m not likely to buy back credits again in future.

    this might help too: if an owner isn’t sure of what decent traffic delivery is, some numbers….

    1. below 50 hits per url per day should send up big alarm bells for me. ideal world my tracking shows i get best results when i’m getting 80-120 hits per url per day.

    2. below 40% uniques is also a big warning sign. my tracking shows i get best results around 80% uniques.

    BIG CAVEAT: my “ideal world” stats are just for our ads. results may vary for other types of ads and for other users, so i’m just posting my figures to give owners a guideline to aim at.

    It would be cool to hear what delivery gives other members their best results if anyone else wants to share…

  2. Tony Tezak
    Tony Tezak at | | Reply

    Glad to see you offering our assistance to TE owners!

    Giving away way too much is the downfall of many new owners. They never recover and get frustrated and quit.

    One other bit of advice for TE Owners. Open your rotator – RIGHT NOW! Yes, the one you have rotating in other TEs. If your rotator is full of urls of other TEs, delete them RIGHT NOW! Not some of them, ALL of them! YOU should be promoting your business – your TE – not someone elses biz! It is YOUR responsibility to grow your TE – not your members. 🙂


    1. Omar
      Omar at | | Reply

      Happy New Year and Best Wishes to everyone for a great 2012!I agree 100% Cathy! It is best to make a long term and short term plan. You need to sit down and firuge out what your budget is and what is the best way to advertise your opportunity. You have to take into consideration whether you have more time or money and then decide what would be the best path to take. Your long term plan is your ultimate goal. For your short term plan I think it is best to plan for 90 days at a time. If things are not going like you thought then you can adjust and make your next 90 plan. The most important thing is to be consistent with your plan once you make it. Time is our most valuable asset, yet we tend to waste it, kill it, and spend it rather than invest it. ~ Jim Rohn

  3. Cathy
    Cathy at | | Reply

    You pointed out some valuable tips on how to get traffic moving.
    I would add one HUGE one- Too many prize pages and games in rotation.
    If your site is not moving traffic, each time your member plays one of those fancy games,
    they are earning a credit but your site is not moving one.
    If you have 5 games show in 100 pages surfed, let’s do the math.
    5 credits earned per 100 from viewing games.
    100 members surf 100 means 5 x 100= 500
    That is 500 credits earned without burning a credit from the site.
    500 x 7 days per week = 3500 credits per week you are giving away for free.
    Just imagine how that will affect your credit flow in the long run.

    Let’s all have a productive 2016!

  4. Jackie O
    Jackie O at | | Reply

    Excellent post and all very good points from the leaders in the biz. All TE owners should read this!

    Another point I’d like to add is some sites have the opposite problem where traffic is moving TOO fast. This is usually due to not enough sites in rotation and/or too many cheaters. That needs to get under control.

    Balance is the key!

  5. Randy Fountain
    Randy Fountain at | | Reply

    Great advice James.
    From mistakes I made in the past, my traffic exchange’s delivery
    was almost at a stand still. I just had too many credits in inventory.
    I did all the steps James mentioned, except buying back credits.
    And now my site’s delivery is ideal.
    I’d like to add that if you have free members surf timer at 8 to 10
    seconds, lower it to 6 or 7, this well help more than you may
    Like Tony said, promote the fool out of your site. and I totally agree,
    if member’s promote, that’s a great bonus. but it my responsibility to grow
    my site. Happy New Year everyone

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