What did you expect to happen?

Over the last few weeks / Months I have been working on the future of my traffic exchanges.

Scorched earth ….. I will get back to this.

Don’t blame Traffic exchanges for why things are not working for you. Don’t place the blame on something that is used and developed and wrecked by people. Traffic Exchanges don’t make decisions they just are.

Traffic exchanges didn’t add distractions to the surf bar.
Traffic exchanges didn’t tell the owner to just walk away.
Traffic exchanges didn’t make owners NOT pay members.
Traffic Exchange didn’t develop cheaters.
Traffic Exchanges didn’t lower the timers.
Traffic exchange don’t care if your entertained.

I asked my wife a question the other night while she was on her IPhone and she didn’t answer me for like 10 seconds after I asked the question. She was distracted. Wasn’t the IPhone fault.

This is where Scorched Earth comes in. A scorched earth policy is a military strategy that involves destroying anything that might be useful to the enemy while advancing through or withdrawing from an area. – https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Scorched_earth

I have seen a few people talk Down about Traffic Exchange on their way out. For one reason or another. Its this person or that persons fault or my personal favorite “traffic exchanges aren’t what they used to be” I have actually said this myself.

At some point there needs to be a lot more personal responsibility. When you screw up something then fix it. Don’t try to scorch the traffic exchange business cause of your failed followings. So (0) second timers were not a smart idea. We all had that understanding but someone had to lower the bar. Yes Chat is distracting but when you’re trying to give people more “entertainment” please do not be shocked when they are distracted.

I often hear how mailers are so much better for results. GIVE it Time….. The people that are scorching Traffic Exchange are now getting to mailers. I cant wait to see how chat works for mailers.
It has been often said “Marketers ruin everything.” But I cant say that is so. I think the problem is with owners afraid to make real progress not just racing to the bottom.

James Dias

PS im not against Chat I just do not think it has a place in the surf bar. It’s a distraction good or bad its is what it is.

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