Thoughts on traffic exchanges.

I have spent a couple days joining a lot of traffic exchanges. I actually reading emails from time to time now just to see what and where other owners heads are at.

I am not pointing out any one site and Lets face it. I don’t know everything about online marketing. With that said.

I see owners making what I believe to be the same mistakes over and over again. So I made a list of them issues I have noticed that are very likely hurting your business.

Using Stock stuff on a site –
It’s the Home page ad copy or the offers you have with the same template as everyone else. Don’t use the same font in the same bold face with no changes to the almost 500 words No one will read it. Its hard on the eyes

Sending emails-
No! Emails are not a bad thing, unless it’s with a negative tone or UN-formatted* or just too long. Good emails work to get people excited and take action. Formatted at 50- 60 spaces and less than 2 scrolls.

( I say this as a rule not the exception ) * great formatting tool for emails.

Adding too much
A great sandwich doesn’t have 500 elements for 800 other sandwiches. Right? A traffic meatiest-sandwich-4exchange is no different. Some people set out to be the PB&J traffic exchanges. Then add cash surfing and prize pages and cash to join and low timers and millions of credits give always. Before long you have a sandwich that’s 5 feet high and no one can eat. Or a TE that no one can use. Don’t do too much be a great turkey and swiss.

Show your Site.
This, to me is the biggest mistake hands down. If no one can see your ads No one will join. It takes about *12,000 hits to get 7 or so referrals a day. If you’re getting 200 hits a day you know why your site is not growing. This is just traffic exchange I’m talking about. so if you sending more hits to the new launch this week and not your own exchange. The issue is the owner. Change that and watch others start affiliating your program more. ( im not saying you can send some traffic for a launch from time to time) but your site has to be seen or no one knows your there.

* this is a ball park – my tracking is just an estimate for how other te’s will do.

rather than take my word for it Just look at the top ( 5 traffic exchanges)

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  1. Gary Calvert II
    Gary Calvert II at | | Reply

    A good guideline to go by, but still, you must do your OWN tracking. Don’t take the top 5 TE’s like gospel. There are TE’s ranked highly, that I have never gotten good results at, ever. And likely never will. Not saying these TE’s suck, but they apparently aren’t the right audience for what I promote. And also, my idea of good results maybe expecting too much.

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