The Value of Time.

One of the things I looked at before ever launching IT ( Internet Traffic 247) was. What would the ideal timer be?

I looked at every major player in traffic exchanges Easy Hits 4 U had a 15 and 30 second timer. Sites Like Tezak Traffic Power I love hits were 6+ seconds I sure people remember when 30 seconds was the normal.value-of-surftimers
Keep in mind this was still when 1000 credits brought in a couple of new referrals. I spent so much time trying to decide where I wanted the site to be in 3 years and where again in 5 years. That when I finally settled on 7 seconds. (this took days to decide on )

Why do I say this? Cause when people race to the bottom its often cause they have a lack of value in what they are selling. A lack of confidence that what they are delivering to the market. Its supply and demand also. Want to be the top of a top promoter contest go for the faster timer with the most points. But they are just looking for hits for points not referrals.

Also think of this from other side as an Advertiser I want to the most out of my money. If I can buy ad space for 1000 credits and that on a 7 second timer. That’s 7,000 seconds of display time or Just under 10 hours.

Or 1000 credits at 3 seconds that’s 3,000 seconds or just over 4 hours of display time.

So which one is worth 5 dollars or 6 dollars or more. And the value of 15 second timers and you start to see the Value in the bigger timers go up with it.

Yes – there is exceptions to the rule. Some timers can be too long and some too short. My concepts are 2 to 15 seconds. And yes the amount of active members also plays a huge part. If no one is surfing it don’t matter what your timers is.

I have said this a few times and think now is a good time to echo it again “Want to double your surf Numbers cut your timer in half.” But now I want to add Want more value in the credits Hold your timers.

So what are your thoughts on Surf timers and How long and short they are. Do you bet more referrals from longer timers or shorter timers? Let me know what you think.

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  1. Gary Calvert II
    Gary Calvert II at | | Reply

    James, being in this industry for about 8 years now, I can tell you, I get more results with the longer timers than with the shorter timers. Maybe because my splashes don’t load fast enough, maybe because surfers do need a few seconds to process the info, I really don’t know. I just know my own results and what they have been.

  2. Marcy McManaway
    Marcy McManaway at | | Reply

    Good article James,

    I think the TE industry has taken a wrong road and
    now it hard to find it’s way back.

    We need to remember what we are here to do…
    Get advertisers… Advertisers want their ads seen.
    Not glanced at for 0-3 seconds.

    If Im gonna buys ads, I look for a few things. How many
    active members are there and how long will my ad be
    seen and tracking results of course.

    Otherwise we might as well call it what we are… Mini
    gaming sites…Sadly, that is what the TE industry has become.

  3. Wilton Bass
    Wilton Bass at | | Reply


    Things are totally different in TE land now than when I was first introduced to traffic exchanges about 10 years ago by a program called Massive, Passive, Advertising Machine (MPAM).

    You are right. Back then you could expect a few referrals per 1000 clicks on the TE’s. Sadly, Marcy nailed it. TE’s have become “penny arcades”.

    If viral mailer owners aren’t careful, they too will wind up in the same boat. The trend has already begun as it takes many more emails today to get a conversion than it did a couple of years ago.

  4. Vern Chumbley
    Vern Chumbley at | | Reply

    Short timers has members with mouse ready in surfbar to click next image, but first glancing down to see if they won a prize.
    Kinda like a Manual Auto-surf!

    When I approve or deny sites in my exchanges, I would say 70% doesn’t fully load at 6 seconds or under.
    If pages don’t have time to load, no signups.

    Goes back on the Owner as Worthless traffic and Filled with Clicking Cheaters, when that isn’t what is happening.

    Traffic Exchanges started out as a Trade Your page place.
    But……Turned into a Splash or Optin Page place.

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