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  1. Marcy McManaway
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    You are so right James… I have been around long enough to see owners that have been here for years and those that barely make it a year. The TE myth is that traffic exchanges are easy to run and will make you a ton of money. Truth is, It takes a lot of work and if you break even, you are one of the lucky ones. You have to love the business and be willing to be in it for the long haul!

  2. Catherine White
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    WHAT? No Easy button?
    I always tell people who think they are going to make a ton of money with traffic exchanges to run the numbers. That is a HUGE reality check of what you should expect.

  3. Gary Calvert II
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    I believe the reason for that, James, is that the full timers get comfortable if they are making enough to pay their bills with their site. And the part timers want to become full timers so badly. And you say, for everyone wanting to move up, there is gonna be 40-50 other owners, I believe that number is in the hundreds, doesn’t everyone of them want a successful TE? Don’t we all want success in our Internet business, TE or not?

  4. Tony Tezak
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    Agree and disagree. 🙂 I am so thankful for the HUGE launch of Tezak Traffic Power in 2009. I’ll just give you the first 24 day numbers. 🙂 10,312 members and $37,629 in sales. Fast forward 6 years – 111,961 members. Those first few months were instrumental in us having a very good base of paying customers.

    In 11 short months, we had grow to over 30,000 – http://tonytezak.com/tezak-traffic-power-30000-members/
    In the past yar we grew another 8,000 members. 🙂 http://tonytezak.com/tezak-traffic-powers-6th-anniversary/

    I do not believe there will ever be another TE launch like TTP. Reasoning: 1. No one will spend the years I did building relationships with folks from all corners of TE land. 2. The TE world is too fractured for anyone to bring them all together for a launch. Folks look at a list of folks promoting and say ‘Oh, I don’t like that guy or gal’, ‘I couldn’t promote if XXX is promoting.

    Today’s reality: I heard someone talking about an awesome launch of a TE – 1600 members in a month.

    I do agree it is the daily grind 7days a week, 30 days a month, 12 months a year – year after year that rows the TE. 🙂 Most will never stick with it. 99% of the TEs will never grow beyond 5,000 or less. They put their TE on Auto pilot. Nothing to back this up, but I bet 80% of the TEs you will never see an ad for. 🙂

    I spend as much time promoting my TE as I did 6 years ago and will not let up. 🙂

    I would like to see someone launch who could bring all 4 corners of TE land for a launch, but doubt it will ever happen.

  5. Suzette
    Suzette at | | Reply

    I agree. It takes alot of work. If people would think this through many of the top tes are owners that have one site and they have never opened more sites even when they have some of the biggest memberships in the industry. However, we still see several people opening site after site which divides your time and resources (after all members only have x amount to spend). Some owners have opened so many sites I honestly have lost count of them. As a member of tes I avoid sites where owners own so many sites for the reasons stated above. Now, this is not to say you cannot own more sites if they are diffferent ie one a te and one a service site like teblaster, splash page design ect.

  6. John Bell
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    Both are right.

    A big launch can really help push that momentum and get things going.. but it can also kill you.

    If you’re unprepared, or your product isn’t “right” then you’re giving a bad first impression to a lot of people… big launches are fun because you usually make a lot of money, but can really sort of screw you up too…

    If you’re just starting out, I think it’s better to NOT do a big over-hyped launch, because you don’t really KNOW if your product is going to work or not, and if it doesn’t then even the biggest launch on the planet won’t help you.

    When I started Traffic Swirl I didn’t even really know what a “launch” was.. I thought that people sent emails about sites because they liked them, not because they were getting paid to do it.. so when I made it, I literally just turned it one day and said “ok, I made this”

    For the first two years of Traffic Swirl, it was pretty dismal, I made some money, had some loyal fans, but mostly it was stagnant.. the “big dogs” of today would have laughed at it if they knew how slow it really was those first couple years, it took a good solid year for me to “Figure it out” and start morphing it into what is now among the most active and popular traffic exchanges in existence. If I had hammered it with a big launch, and all these people joined and said ‘oh, that’s sort of medicore’ and forgotten about it, how many of them would be customers now?

    On the other hand..

    My second site, about a year and a half later, Fast Cash and Traffic (Now Ad Master Plus) had a good launch, and the 2nd most successful in my company’s history — because at that point I more-so knew what I was doing, I knew the product I was creating was unique and had real value. For that, the momentum from the launch didn’t taper, and it kept growth. I think this applies to Tony too because although it was his first (and only) site, he had a team with him who had been successful with it before, and he had spent enough time around, that he was able to know he had a product that Worked.


    I know I’m rambling a bit here, but the most important thing I think to realize is that with both of those examples, though starkly different.. I am sitting here looking at them and doing as just as much work for both sites, they both take a lot of promoting, a lot customer service, a lot of checking sites, a lot of development.. they both take a good amount of effort..

    So I think in some situations a big launch can help, and in other situations it can hurt, but at the end of the day — 4, 5 years down the road — it doesn’t really make any difference, it’s not going to make nor break any business.. what you do AFTER that launch is what will determine your success.

  7. Perry Rosenfeld
    Perry Rosenfeld at | | Reply


    I think I saw this quote at The Traffic Showdown, but it could have been elsewhere:

    “Most Internet Marketers quit just before the Magic Happens!”

    I suppose that applies to owners too. It all comes down to work ethic, doesn’t it?

    Perry Rosenfeld

  8. Vern Chumbley
    Vern Chumbley at | | Reply

    Tony Post:
    That Was A CONTROLLING Market, is why that happened.
    A “Clic” Controlling Te Exchanges, You Signup Or Else!
    Puddy/Olson thought they could Control Everything.

    10,312 in 24 days. and YOU are Only at 180,000 after 6 years.

    You should have 500,000 Members+

    Those BIG Promoters Obviously Left You.
    as far as Promoting.

    Took SmileyTraffic over a Year to get 10,000
    But is Beating YOU in Members and Daily Signups.

    AND I Was Banned and Lied To by Many of Your Friends.
    For 6 years+

    I Live and Breath Te’s!
    Even at Tony’s TTP, I’m Tony’s 36th Best Recruiter.
    But he Drops an Upgrade cause I Don’t allow TimTech.

    Drama Crap of Owners, I Don’t Do.

    I Helped Vasthits to be Successful. I’m Suspended
    because I Don’t Allow his PTP page!

    I Helped Doug Forbes and other owners, I get SCREWED!

    God Helps Those That Helps Themselves.

  9. Tony Tezak
    Tony Tezak at | | Reply

    Vern – Thanks for your very positive comments. Cheers! Tony

  10. Vern Chumbley
    Vern Chumbley at | | Reply

    You Are Very Welcome! Vern

    1. Tony Tezak
      Tony Tezak at | | Reply

      Vern, I have deleted my Quality Views account and requested you do the same for me at Smiley Traffic. I do not find a delete account on button at Smiley. I appreciate you helping me out. Cheers! Tony

  11. Tony Tezak
    Tony Tezak at | | Reply

    Vern, Thanks for deleting my account at Smiley Traffic. Cheers! Tony

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