First impressions.

Nothing says im just not that into my site like Bone Stock Ad Copy from a script. A lot of owners have finally stopped using it. It makes me smile and I often will join just for that reason.

I sign up
I confirm my account
I log in for the first time ever……

There it is.

The one page that drives me as bat shit crazy as the stock home page. You know the bone stock offer Page. But some people are running not one, not two, but 3 of these pages in a row.

Nothing says “Don’t buy from me” more than this page:otofail

So let’s talk about this page a little. If you are using this page STOP! There is nothing I care to see on that page. I know it’s because I have seen this damn page 4000 times in the last 3 years and at some sites its every time I login. So you want me to buy, but what are you doing to earn it? Where is the love and passion in your online business? It’s a sample a template it’s not designed for owners to use it as though it’s the best-selling offer ever.

I personally don’t care if you have 20,000 hits for 10 bucks I’m not going to buy from that page cause if you don’t have the time or energy to change it is it worth my money? And Stop calling it a ONE time offer if every time I login I see the same shitty ONE time offer. it’s not one time and its not special.

It makes my skin crawl when I see an owner with this Sales page in there site.

I want to help below you will find a link with an offer template I built. It’s a sample of one not much different than the one hundreds of sites are using. It consists of 3 images and the html to add the page to any Traffic Exchange or mailer or Text Ad Exchange. You can change the images if you want. And I added no usable text for this offer so anyone using this will need to come up with their own offer.


and here is the best part Im willing to help if you get stuck just skype me @ ( James Dias ) I do want to see owners putting their best foot forward. Cause if a member has a good experience with your site they will join and affiliate other sites too. And that’s good for Traffic exchanges.

So be creative and make your offers stand out not blend in. I hope this helps 50 owners.

Thank you for reading,
James Dias
Dias Media Works


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  1. Cathy
    Cathy at | | Reply

    Agreed. Something as simple as a unique template can facilitate my desire to make a purchase.

    Standing out is always good idea.

  2. Xarah
    Xarah at | | Reply

    Deal of the day is so much more appealing. And it can be changed, if not daily but then at least weekly. It can’t be that hard, can it?
    Lots of internet marketing offers have OTOs and some have felt a dozen OTOs. They drive me crazy too. I just bought something, let me have it now!

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