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  1. Vern Chumbley
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    Love You James! We are Best Friends. ALWAYS Will Be.

    But Tracking ONLY does page views per domain.
    Like LFMTE Profit Tracker.

    Busting Balls, outside the domain and referrals, that doesn’t track. Like even Owner Downline e-mails is not tracked.

    Tracking does work, but is not near accurate or Gospel.

    Everything Must have a different Tracking url, or not credited to exchange.

    YOU, James, MY Profit tracker says 9 signups at your
    exchange 0 in sales.
    But I pay you Hefty, Almost every week.

    Newbies and New Owners see Trackers as Gospel.

    Please Shed some light.

    That is SO Wrong.

  2. Andy Wotton
    Andy Wotton at | | Reply

    I agree in part with both James and Vern. I say Newbies and New Owners starting out – DO NOT need special software and/or tracking memberships to see what results they get, be it sign ups or commissions (you get emails to tell you those things). And Sites you belong to show you stats on credit spend and earnings. The only thing you need to track is time (and that is the passage of time – how long it is before you see the results you are looking for).

    Most surfers tab surf and bookmark pages to view after surf session. Where sites use cookies to credit the referral sometimes the referrel will not be credited because of the last cookie recorded in the browser or cookies were cleaned up.

    Newbies and New Owners see Trackers as Gospel – agreed Vern. Along with a bunch of stuff (the toolbox which seems to grow year by year- LOL) )they do not need Expense after expense to start out with and eventually cost them so much before they start to earn anything they give up.

    Retention is not what is used to be – its too expensive and too complicated and Newbies spend too much time looking at statistics. If you are not getting the results after the passage of time (you say how long you want to give to see results) then its time to move on…

  3. Andy Wotton
    Andy Wotton at | | Reply

    Lets break this down to basics (they all could warrant a seperate post with the subject matter..you said:

    you need hits
    you need a good site to promote
    you need to make sure you are getting them hits to that good site

    Hits = Raw Hits – Unique Hits – combination of both or leaning to a particular type

    site to promote = For Sales & Sign Ups and/or Hits & Ranking or a combination of both

    Make sure you are getting them hits = The 1st free tool and without doubt is a basic rotator. Its the tool that will count the hits to confirm those hits and serves as a basic tracker. There is a lot more to using a rotator and so much so that is not considered when using them so I will leave it at that because they are worthy of a seperate post all together.

    learn all you can about this business = Give the Newbies the knowledge and they gain the experience. Knowledge is nothing without experience.

    Networks = Set up tabbed surfing you created a personal network this is the best network where YOU are in total control. Join a traffic exchange network/Co-Op/No surf required site and you loose control in fact you hand over control you may think you got control but all theses types are micro-managed and not good to start out with.

    Once Newbies have got basic knwoledge and gain experience they should be on here way to meet their goals and start to earn. Once in profit you can then invest that into other tools such as paid tracking software or other tool types.

    Step 1. Proper Advertising and Promotion; Either you are getting the exposure OR NOT. This is the first step in creating real results in your business. If you do not learn how to get the traffic and exposure, don’t bother with the next two steps….

    Step 2. Lead Generating and Capture; Be that Generic pages on offer your own Splash/Squeeze pages. Creating a profit with TE’s/some maney making opportunity depends on your ability to put yourself into Lead and downline Prosperity.

    Step 3. Proper Follow-Up; This most important simple step can EXPLODE your business and profits. This is something that MOST people do not do in their marketing efforts. Use your personal email or send a message to your downline.

    There are 3 types of affiliates:

    1. Recruiter – This person will sell a product or service by introducing it to as many people as possible without doing any follow up on those that do purchase and hope that they will market that product or service also with out any support from them. They work alone.

    2. Sponsor – This person will sell the benefits of owning a product or service to a target market and when purchased follow up showing the additional benefits of becoming a sponsor themselves and show them an exact marketing method to make sales. They are a team player and encourages team work.

    3. Super – This person is sought out by companies; this person also seeks out companies that they would like to do business with. He works to the same ethos as a sponsor but in addition will provide additional support and training to those that have little or no marketing experience and will have the infra-structure to deliver the required training to increase sales within his overall network. He also has a large responsive list of those that have made purchases of other products and services from him and can boost company sales overall. He normally demands a higher commission because of his Experience and Knowledge of the Marketing and Coaching Industry which helps pay to set up specific training for both User and Seller of the product and service. Most users become sellers. Most sellers become users. This person will invest and run major advertising campaigns using various methods and systems when commissions have been agreed upon.

    And I will finish with this Phrase I use often; “Today’s Knowledge….. IS TOMORROW’S SUCCESS”

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