PTP and Co-op – what is the difference

This post is to identify the differences from PTP and Co-ops   helping affiliates make more informed decisions when adding either to their marketing. So here is my take.

What is a PTP

A Paid to Promote is a rotator that allows you to advertise a special rotator link exclusive to your account, you promote the rotator, for each view from other people, you can earn credits or cash.

PTP are recently calling themselves co-ops or member based co-ops. ( it’s a lot like calling an auto surf a no click surf or a clickless surf ) its still a PTP

the difference is huge – most PTP have more laxed rules for the rotator. Also PTP often do not have a solid way to decipher whether the hit is coming from an auto surf, manual surf, another PTP rotator or just over all being gamed with ip address rotators and auto refresh scripts.

What is a CO-OP

The Traffic exchange co-op is a rotator added by the owners or staff of the co-op. So the owner is 100% accountable for where the traffic comes from.  CO-OP is people pooling their buying power together in order to increase their reach is selected sites. Co-ops are looking for the best bang for the buck – longer timer’s, better results, and bigger conversion percentages. Again a co operative where the owner has a large stake in the results.

PTP is against the terms of service at many sites due to the nature of members earning the traffic to resell it to the PTP. Unlike co ops where the owner or agent of the co ops is buying the traffic or has worked out a special deal with the owner (normally buying in bulk)

PTP on the other hand is rewarded for the lowest surf timer and not concerned with conversions but much more geared to volume. Paid to promote is a mercenary style of marketing where the path of least resistance is rewarded.

Teblaster Results tracked from January 1, 2014 to December 20, 2014
43,336 Hits 40 Signups OR 1 signup per 1008.4 hits

with the average time 8.45 seconds per view

A leading PTP / member  co-op tacked same time promoting the same splash page
19,042 Hits 8 Sign ups OR 1 signup per 2380.25 hits

with the average time of 3.14 seconds per view.


the images is Photoshopped to show the 2 sites side by side

In the interest of full disclosure I personally Co-own a Co-op I also have a rule I place for my traffic exchanges that members must be upgraded to add A paid to promote site in rotation. This is in my terms of service and has been a part of my sites since day one.

I have used both ptp and co-ops for my personal marketing for years. And am very passionate about this topic. I’m not trying to tell anyone how to run their business. I just think being informed helps people understand why some sites allow them and others do not.

good luck in your marketing.
James Dias

I am concerned that a few affiliates  will not process the reasons  the average PTP styled co op is a bad Idea for them.

If a normal traffic exchange earns you .35 credits per view and you put it through a PTP styled CO-OP.  Lets do the Math seriously!!

that takes 3 pages surfed to get 1.05 credit at 0.35   right?
.35 X 3 = 1.05
And the  PTP co-op is .50

Then you have to surf 6 pages to get one page view cause you are laundering traffic through a 3rd party system.  That is not being smart about your time your marketing and your efforts.

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  1. Vern Chumbley
    Vern Chumbley at | | Reply

    Hey James!

    You taught me something with your blog. I viewed PTP’s as bad from Clix sites, never really viewed TrafficG hps site, or
    Explosive, etc…. as a PTP, but are the same.

    Not money, but credits and views are also money, to me.
    They are PTP’s hidden under a Traffic Exchange.


  2. Randy Howard
    Randy Howard at | | Reply

    Well let’s start with what a Paid to Promote (PTP) system is. A paid to promote system pays it’s members to promote the ads that have been purchased at that specific site.

    Like TE’s and Co-ops, PTP systems are similar in function wise but each have their differences.

    A cooperative (“coop”) or co-operative (“co-op”) is an autonomous association of people who voluntarily cooperate for their mutual social, economic, and cultural benefit.

    A co-op system basically functions that same way as PTP systems — the members are compensated either with credits or cash for promoting the co-op system

    If a company negotiates advertising deals with other advertising systems like TE’s, Safelists, Mailers etc… and does the marketing on behalf of its customers who have paid for that company to do the marketing on their behalf, would not be considered a co-op. This is because there is no mutual benefit of the entire customer base who purchased that advertising from the company. The advertising deals that the company negotiated is the companies profit margin.

    What difference does it make if what a member is promoting at OUR SYSTEMS, rewards them at another system? That member who is USING OUR SYSTEMS may be upgraded, may be buying credits or impressions, may be surfing for those credits, may even getting rewarded by OUR SYSTEMS for promoting OUR SYSTEMS?

    Did you noticed all the OUR SYSTEMS in that statement?

    PTC – Paid to Click
    PTP – Paid to Promote
    PTV – Paid to View
    SFC – Surf for Cash
    SB – Surf Bonuses

    They all similar and they all reward the member for either viewing or displaying ads in our systems. That is what the functions of these systems are meant to do.

    From an owners perspective – We are in the advertising industry and we run an advertising companies — the objective of or systems is to sell ads and generate activity. A TE, VM, Safelist, etc. job is not to convert signups or generate sales at other people programs/systems — it is to put our customers ads in front of many faces as possible.

    It’s the job of the ads that people submit for circulation, to get signups or sales at what they are promoting.

    From an affiliates perspective – all that goes right out the window other than I wont be using ANY SYSTEM that does not permit me to promote something that does not interfere with the functions of the system or promotes inappropriate material or anything that is illegal.

    As an affiliate and owner — why would any system owner ban or not allow any PTP system in their systems?

  3. Catherine White
    Catherine White at | | Reply

    Ok, my two cents.
    A Paid to Promote (PTP) gives the members a specific link to promote which will earn them cash or credits at that specific PTP. This results in the membership base promoting any place they want to earn that cash or credits. Example: If a member surfs Hot Flash Hits and earns 100 HFH credits, then, in turn, puts in the PTP link and assigns those 100 HFH credits, in essence they have “sold” their HFH credits to earn traffic at other sites. The PTP owners and members have no control over where their ads may receive traffic in return.

    A Co-op is a membership site where the owner negotiates deals on traffic credits which allows them to re-sell the traffic to the Co-op membership. The Co-op owner actually buys the traffic credits. These purchases will be at places the Co-op owner feel will bring the membership results. There is no link for the members to promote except the affiliate link to the Co-op itself. A Co-op will allow its members to get their ads out to more place without having to purchase or earn the credits themselves but you are basically trusting the Co-op owner to buy traffic at good resources.

    The appeal of the PTP is a member does not have to make any purchases but can earn traffic by just surfing and assigning credits to the PTP link.
    The appeal of a Co-op is the quality of traffic should be at a higher standard, if the Co-op owner is doing his / her job.

    I know what I prefer, do you?

  4. Jeff Dionne
    Jeff Dionne at | | Reply

    Yes the Math is right. But what comes to my mind is your having your add seen in multiple sites and this is handy for the average person that has no time to go to hundreds of sites. Some people work 12 hrs a day offline! Now the ad site owner benefits from a member surfing there one site showing that coop link. Be happy they chose your site to spend time in. I have wanted for two years to start a membership coop site. I have looked at the vetrino like te-jv but am more appealed to the lfmte type. I agree with you randy your job to get views just like a newspaper you place an ad in hopes people see it and buy. If they dont see it ovr and over like a commercial on tv then they wont see what your selling. Old days i placed newspaper add out of 100k subscribers maybe got 10 leads some weeks got zero. was it newspapers fault. It is a numbers game. Be in all places at the same time as many times as you can in hopes to get a conversion. Coops are a tool and part of the tools to always use. I want a site like coopmg or legacyteam and one day will bring that to the table. I have spent thousands on upgrades in hundreds of sites. More coops the better. Im guessing those coops are modified lfmtes

  5. John Bell
    John Bell at | | Reply

    A PTP traditionally has been a delivery method of several network ads frames, trying to just pump views at all these network ad modules.

    A Co-Op, by definition, “is an autonomous association of people who voluntarily cooperate for their mutual social, economic, and cultural benefit”

    A group of people working together for mutual benefit.

    I wouldn’t consider TE Blaster a PTP or Co-Op.. just selling traffic 🙂

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