What who and how to be a part of downline builders

Got an email today that kicked me in the ass to get the next traffic exchange daily done.

and this one is all about the Downline builders. With 2 types of downline builders out there. It’s a great question and was the perfect concept for a te daily.

3 great tools for working in downline builders
#3 excel spread sheet great for saving user ids affiliate id’s notes about the site and last used dates.commandpost-little

#2 tecommand post – weather you are doing it on your own with an excel spread sheet command post is a good place to get started. Helps in more ways than just the dlb credit commission mananger that is handy as hell. Not a member join under me I am a life time member http://www.tecommandpost.com/?referer=ablaze&t=387

#1 note pad with your info you use the most ( skype username twitter facebook youtube ect anything you don’t want or need to remember also a url of the sites your promoting and banners text add ideas this is you go to when filling in all your info.

fill in every exchange you are a member of tonight don’t wait or delay just do IT

Have a great time filling in your IDS
James Dias


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  1. Randy Fountain
    Randy Fountain at | | Reply

    Hey James,

    Great video, topic and content man.

    Like you, I LOVE TE Command Post.
    There’s nothing more exciting than when a person joins 7 or 8 programs under you, Just
    because you took the time to fill in a downline builder.

    I use a note pad/ spreadsheet format to keep up with my ref urls as well, it
    makes it very easy when you have your IDs handy.

    and like James said, Most people do not fill in DLBs, so you can have downline members,
    10 levels down join under You, simply because all the people between didn’t take the time.
    Since signups don’t just come from direct referrals.

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